Logitech Gaming Software and G35 woes

I actually love these G35 USB headphones, but lately I’ve been having an issue that from what I can tell I’m not alone in experiencing. For no apparent reason, my computer stopped recognizing the headphones as anything but a generic USB audio device, and Logitech’s craptacular software won’t recognize they exist, at all. It recognizes my G510 fine, but the headphones, not at all.

This means that while I usually get sound (once in while I have to plug in the headphones a few times to get them recognized), I don’t get any of the headphones’ fancy abilities, and the Logitech software won’t show any of the controls, etc. I’ve checked online and Logitech’s support has been singularly clueless, and no one that I know of has been really helped. I’ve tried the solutions offered, and none of them work. Once I was able to get the headphones recognized by reinstalling the software, but that lasted only until the next reboot, and now all I get is default USB audio.

I’m fearing that until Logitech releases a better software package (this one dates to August), I may be SOL, and even then I have little faith in Logitech’s ability to deliver. I love their hardware, but their software has never been very strong it seems.

Anyone with any ideas? I’ve tried uninstalling the drivers, cleaning Logitech out of the registry then reinstalling them, to no avail. I can certainly run with basic drivers I guess, but that’s not exactly what I paid for.

EDIT: And now, no sound in any games. It makes sounds for OS stuff and utilities, but games are silent. I reinstalled all the Logitech stuff but it stubbornly refuses to work. Guess I’ll see if the headset itself is dead…