Logitech MX 700 Cordless Mouse

Just curious if anyone here has one. My wife got a different Logitech cordless mouse and really likes it. I’m jealous, and was looking at the MX 700. Tom’s Hardware has an article about the MX series here.

I have a Logitech cordless optical mouse and am fairly pleased except that the mouse wheel does not work in games (UT2003, Half-Life, BF1942). I have tried their website but to no avail. Does the MX700 have this same problem?


I have an older Logitech cordless and they are awesome. The hand feel on their mouses is better then anyone elses.

Doohh! Don’t install the mouseware software and use the Windows default driver and the wheel works fine.

How can I look for a solution for weeks and not find anything, mention the problem and then, poof, I find the solution right away?

Hmmm, let me try that again. I have been looking for $1 million but havent’ found it yet.


Logitech began as Mice. Scurring here and there collecting things… so successful that they introduced speakers, headphones, keyboards, joysticks, gamepads, web cams. As their Mouse Empire grew they went From Mice to Men.

Logitech’s motto: Be the Mouse.

The MX 700 is the Big Ben of the Logitech Mouse Family. Tragic if uncontrolled, but powerful under the right guiding hand.

Its beady little optical eye is watching you. Maybe it has one more minute of battery life or maybe it doesn’t. So what you have to be asking yourself right now is, “Do I feel lucky?”

“Well… do ya punk?”

So do I, here:

I’ve been using it for months now, in games. The downsides:

  • it’s heavier than the corded MX500, which has the same feature
    set other than corded.

  • battery life sucks. Yes, there’s a recharger, but if you forget
    to use the cradle, battery life is about three days.

However, I like it a lot, and wouldn’t go back to a corded mouse.
It does have the response time, sample rate and resolution
needed for gaming goodness.


Loyd Case

Here’s where I insert my standard interjection in any discourse on wireless mice: since when is the cord actually a problem on the desktop? Is a three foot cable really that much of a hindrance?

I could see needing wireless for a home theater PC, but on the desktop, I still don’t get it.

That said, whatever floats your boat, but I’m really straining to see the necessity of this particular “invention”.

In my home, the PC area is a bit cluttered. The mouse cord has a bad habit of getting wedged in areas that interfere with mouse travel. Keeping too much cord on the desktop is not feasable as the aforementioned clutter gets in the way.

I guess the reason for the invention of the cordless mouse is clutter :D


Its great on planes…Its one last wire I have to string and move around when I get up to go to the bathroom…Love it with my laptop. I go thru a set of batteries about every 3 weeks.

HardOCP has raved about theirs on numerous occasions (pretty much anytime mice are mentioned), so some pretty die-hard FPS gamers are enjoying them.

Self-charging sounds terrific. I want one. Too bad my existing corded mouse (logitech dual led) is working so well :/ I just can’t justify it.

You do realize you’re not supposed to use wireless peripherals on airplanes, right? Not tested for interference with aircraft systems…

I don’t know about wireless mice, but I do know that they were using wireless ethernet cards to connect to the server for the new Connexion by Boeing in-flight broadband service during the test trials.

As far as the MX 700 goes, I think I’ll pick one up eventually. Newegg has them for $66 with shipping, which isn’t nearly as bad as $80 + sales tax.

I have an MX700 and love it. As for the battery life being low, if you cradle it after you’re done using it, it shouldn’t be an issue. The latest version of Mouseware fixes the scroll-wheel problem.

I happen to have a digital camera that uses rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, so I always have a bunch of them charged up. Since I’m forgetful about placing the MX700 into its cradle, I just swap out batteries.


Loyd Case

MX700’s are great, got one when it first came out. Can pretty much back up what Loyd says, though the weight isn’t nearly as much for a balled removeable battery mouse. My desk surface (very light woodgrain color, light tannish basically) at points doesn’t seem to work well with it so I’m going to have to get a 3M pad or something eventually… range is fairly good, unlike my previous MS optical which had a range of maybe five inches (I kid I kid, more like 2 feet quite literally).

Is the range of the MX700 enough to use in a home theater PC (eg, ~ 10 feet)?

I haven’t tried it out that far, 5-6 feet seems to work okay (I try to keep the recharger/transceiver base away from electronic devices).

By the way, count me amongst those that find mouse cords to be annoying bastards.

— Alan

Range is six feet and cell phone usage in the same room will interfere.

That’s odd, I used a cell phone and it seemed okay. I was thinking it might be a line of sight/interference thing as the LoS between the base and the mouse is right at the front across the length of the monitor screen.

— Alan

That’s odd, I used a cell phone and it seemed okay. I was thinking it might be a line of sight/interference thing as the LoS between the base and the mouse is right at the front across the length of the monitor screen.[/quote]

Its looks like you’re right. People I’ve talked to told me about the cell phone interference but I checked a couple of websites and they say no interference.

Moral of the Story: Sound Waves BAD, Words on Webpages GOOD.