Logitech trackman

I recently picked one of these up because of wrist pain I was developing by using a regular mouse for long periods of time. It has really helped my pain, and am glad I bought it. As I am still getting used to using it though, I do have one question. Do you guys game with it? I’ve used it while playing some RA3 and it work great, although I am still a little slow. I can see shooters though being kind of a problem. Is it a question of getting used to it more, or is this mouse not practical for all types of games?

trackballs were awesome for spinning around in doom firefights.

I gamed with one for many years Cubit. About the ONLY reason I finally switched was when i had to start using Ventrilo. I found it easier to bind an extra mouse key than a keyboard key. At the time, you couldn’t find a trackball with anything but left, right and scrollbar.

They are wonderful for keeping your wrist free of pain. After a while your thumb skills develop to where you can easily do spins for faster fps games without issue. They aren’t as precise as mice, at least the very high end gaming mice, but you should have no difficulty with most games.