Logitech wave wireless keyboard and mouse

I just picked this up because it has a very comfortable feel. Trouble is, it seems to have a “sleep” mode (I’m sure it’s to save batteries) and when I start pressing keys, it starts sending random nonsense to the screen and I have to press the backspace about a billion times to get rid of the garbage characters. Has anyone found out a way around this? It’s more an annoyance than anything else, but it’s a really BIG annoyance!

I have the Cordless Wave Pro (different mouse), and haven’t seen anything like this. Is your receiver close enough to the keyboard?

/*It is about 1 foot away. I left those two characters in the front of this message because that is what shows up. Sometimes it is just a couple of characters, and sometimes it keeps repeating until I hit the backspace key.

I got my wife a Wave Pro for Christmas and we’ve never seen anything like what you’re describing.

contact logitech support. they’re usually responsive.

Another wave pro user, using it with some cheap usb kvm too, no issues.

I have a Cordless Wave set (for 2 years now), and I have never seen your problem. Well, unless the keyboard battery is low. My receiver is about 4-7 feet away from the keyboard, on the “dark side of the computer”.

Hmm, guess a call to Logitech is in order…