Logitech wireless mouse problem

Hey guys-

So, I have a problem- I have a desktop PC about 7 feet from my TV, which it is hooked up to. I have a Logitech wireless keyboard using a USB dongle, and it works great when I sit on the couch in front of the TV. However, my Logitech wireless mouse cuts off when I sit on the couch about 7-8 feet from the PC.

Is there some kind of device I can buy to extend the range of the wireless mouse?

Do you have a USB3 device plugged in right next to the logitech unifying receiver? If so, that’s your problem, USB3 causes interference. Get an extension cable and move the unifying receiver a foot or two away.

No, my desktop only has USB 2.0.

I do, however, have a dongle for the wireless keyboard and a dongle for the mouse, and they are both Logitech products… could that cause a problem?

Did you mean your desktop only has 2.0?

If both of your logitech products use the same unified dongle, you only need to plug in one.

And re-pair the remaining receiver with the Unifying utility.