Logo Feedback

I had a contest to design a logo for my new casual games company. The company name will be ‘New Crayon Games’ (possibly shortened in actual use to just ‘New Crayon’.

Here are the entries:


Which ones do you like?

(Oh, and please avoid harshness - the contest was open to everyone and there are some amateur entries. That said, there are a lot of good ones, too, IMO…)

I like 13, 18, and 39. I think the ones that look sort of crayon-like, without looking like they were done with an actual crayon, are the best. The ones that were done in crayon are kind of going overboard, and the ones that are all futuristic are just missing the point.

  1. if we can see some camel toe

Seriously, though, information overload. So many to choose from…

Edit: I like 74. Simple yet interesting. I’d stay away from logos in which the words are written on the crayons. 19 looks neat too but it might be a little close to NC Soft’s logo.

I like #12 though I think the text should look like a crayon scrawl.

#50 and #44 are runners-up.

In order of preference…
[ul]#14 - I like the style (fun, but in a primitive way)… but the color scheme looks a little off (primary colors would be better?).

#34 - Similar comments, I like the style… perhaps red crayon would be better than blue?

#21 - Like the “primitive/child-like” style (sensing a trend?)[/ul]My only concern would be that people may interpret the logo as if your games may be for children - simplistic or educational in some way… Probably any logo with a crayon incorporated would have that effect, though, I suppose (?)

Exciting times, new gaming start-ups can be lots of fun (and loads of stress)! ;)

I hate to shit in your sandwich, but isn’t ‘Crayon’ a copyrighted (or at least trademarked) term?

One would think Crayola wouldn’t be too happy about your brand.

I like 41 and 45. The others imply children’s games too much. Though if they ARE children’s games, then you might want to go with something more along those lines.

Aren’t you worried about trademark violation with “crayon” though? Is it a generic term?

Edit: Hrm, after a bit of time with Google I see that it is indeed a generic term. Probably as generic as “marker” or “pencil.” “Crayola” would be the trademarked term. Carry on. :)

It’s almost as bad a copyrighted. It’s French:


I second this. Maybe if you could narrow it down to ten or so?

Otherwise, I like 70, 73, 29, 21, 14, and 5, although I might’ve missed some…

Also, if you say the word “crayon” over and over again it starts to sound really weird. Even if you aren’t high.

44, 70, 13 and 40 are neat and different.

Also, if you say the word “crayon” over and over again it starts to sound really weird. Even if you aren’t high.

Yeah, I’m dizzy. Silly dissociative syndrome…


#22 Cracks me up. I like the type, and the background looking like an unrolled crayon label is great. It looks good and is a non-obvious interpretation of the company’s name. If it didn’t have the girl, I’d like it even better than #77. But the girl…I mean, probably the only way it could be less appropriate for a company is if said company had the words “funeral home” in its name.

I like 41 and 39. Most of the rest of them don’t fit the name and look like something from a clan website.

I like 13, 23, and 41. I almost like 24-6, but something about them seems off-balance to me.

Also, the more I read the word “crayon”, the more my brain starts to think it’s misspelled or not a real word.

I like 74, 77 and 13.

Go with 81 if you do Barbie games.


15 and 41 I like

13, 14, 21, and 74 I think are good, too. Some skew a little too childish.

I like many of them, Phil, but none of them look like they belong to a computer games company. There’s lots of creativity and spark, but it seems like #8 is the only one that considered what kind of games the company is building.

Unless you’re not making computer games any longer >.<

What is a new crayon? A stylus for an art pad? A mouse? The force of your will and vision? All of those things?

These logos, while mostly creative and proffessional, are for old crayons. In my humble opinion :)

I’m partial to #13 and #19.

#14’s also good, except for the colours.

For me, it’s 29/30, hands down. I’d say #30 with the addition of the crayon icon above it.

I like the logo with the hands for #19, but would like it better with the text from 29-32. 13 was kinda cool as well.

If you’re doing kids’ games, I could see #21.

What kind of company is this? Children’s games are they making? That’ll affect the nature of the logo.