Logo Feedback

Casual downloadables. Like Bejeweled, Bookworm, Zuma, Big Kahuna, etc. Aimed at all ages, but the biggest buying demo for these kinds of games is women, ages 30-50.

I like 81 a lot. It’s simple, bold, and very readable, which are three great traits for a logo.

29 and 13 are also nice, though I think they would be less versatile. You could put 81 on either a light or dark background, but 13 and 29 would need to be on a light (probably white, like the page they are on now) background to have the same impact they have on that page.

Lots of good ideas in that collection, though.

13, 14, and 34. 34 probably the most, because it has that “cell shading” style to it.

In order of goodness:


But 33 is really the best. Nice and simple and easy to look at.

The guys from New Pencil are going to TP your office.

21,41, 64 (although very hard to read at tiny size, would suggest putting the company name elsewhere), and 66.

#79. I like the retro look.

Well, they’ll have plenty of time for mischief since it seems as though they’re soon to be OUT OF BUSINESS… Doh! :shock:

12, 13, 18, 23, 24, 29, 34. Those best deliver the image/idea of a sharp, pristine new crayon and the potential to scrawl with it. I guess I like 34 the best.




Regardless, do not use any logo that depicts a Crayola-brand crayon with its distinctive squiggles and oval printed on the paper tube. Such depictions might raise eyebrows at Crayola.

#34, but without the @.

One from the 29-32 set or 74. Keep it simple, etc. I’d fire any designer who gave me 59, 60, 45, 46, 18, 20, 22, and especially 36, ugh.

I’m partial to the 29-33 set, which would show up well on black and white documents. I thought the 24-26 set was also amusing with the way the hand is grasping the crayon, but the overall logos are a bit bulky.

I would generally shy away from anything that relies on color to get the message across, and I really don’t care for the way that some of the logos depict “New” as a separate piece of the logo (like it’s a temporary label, etc.).

  • Alan

Another vote for 74.

13, 77, and 74, in that order, although I’m not exactly happy with the mixed case font in 13.

It’s a pretty tough choice, but I’d go with 13.

Hey, I was totally wrong! My apologies.

I really dig the bunch at the very end - 78, 79 and 81. 80 isn’t bad, either, but it’s not as good as the other three.

Wow, some of these are really great. Guess a contest is the way to go!

Trick is that you want a logo, not just the words. A logo should be instantly recognizable, not generic, and memorable. Keeping that in mind:

19, 21, and 70 are my picks.

I like 22, as it’s memorable and a good play on a crayon box/wrapper. On the otherhand, considering your target market the bond chick silhouette is probably a bad move. Maybe a guy in a sharp suit with a gin glass or something instead. ;-)