Loki - The god of mischief on Disney+

Time for a dedicated thread.

Totally there.

So good at making new threads @Telefrog !

Yeah, I am excited for this show.

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson together in the same show? Looks like I’m subscribing to Disney+ again in June! Only 6 episodes though according to IMDB. What is this, British television?!

One can only hope.

Yes, this is the content I want. Lean into the absurdities. I am not familiar with the TVA, because this is clearly not the Tennessee Valley Authority one, but I’m guessing this is from some comic run or another.

That looks soooo different than the other stuff we’re seeing, and that’s awesome. It looks like a show made by Noah Hawley - just kinda bonkers, but hopefully in a good way like Fargo and not an indulgent silly way like Legion.

Hell yes. The best part of all the original content being produced on the various streaming platforms is the wider adoption of 6-10 episode formats.

This looks fantastic. I can’t wait for the days when all the experts in film and TV here can take a shit all over it. :)

Oh my goodness, now that trailer absolutely slaps.

Let us all hope they get to experience joy then.

All the implications of choosing Ego are fully intended.

That’s why I’m in.

10 episodes is fine. 8 I can deal with especially if it’s tightly written and doesn’t waste time. 6 episodes though?! That’s barely enough time to feel the binge rush and then it’s over.

Although if 6 episodes means they can produce a new season every 9 months instead of 12-15…then bring it!

I was at best curious about the Loki series, but that trailer hit hard. Pretty excited now.

Loki remained one of my surprise-favorite characters from the MCU, thanks solely to Hiddleston being absolutely amazing at everything he does.

I also love Owen Wilson a lot, and those snippets of scenes between them has me just over-the-moon excited.

I love that going the streaming series route lets them play with formulas and try different stuff. WandaVision, and now this? Totally different stuff than the movies get to play with. (No offense to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which I actually enjoy just fine, but it’s more…in line with the movies.)

So on-board for this. Hoping we get to see some wacky timeline branches.

I dunno… It doesn’t have a lame joke about the name, a reference to a media article that will be years-forgotten by the time discussion peaks, or a parenthetical. Why, it doesn’t annoy me at all. So it’s a bit off-base for a Qt3 topic name.


Is that Owen Wilson’s real nose? Or did they enhance it?

I completely agree. WandaVision was so fascinating because it played with style and tone in a way the MCU films largely have not. This has Hiddleston and by all appearances a series fully committing to the weird.

I am all about all of that.

Not to mention spending time exploring some of the side characters.

But the tones and styles they’re getting to play with are so much fun, and they’re getting to do stuff besides just punching and blowing stuff up.

Looks fantastic, mostly due to the leads.

So does Disney drop all the episodes at once or do they serialize them?