www.simhq.com will be hosting a LOMAC WEEK from the 1st December.

SimHQ wants to celebrate the release of LOMAC by offering you all a series of articles aimed at improving your gameplay. Our plan is to publish these daily for about 5 days beginning 1 December.

We’re looking at A2A info, A-10 techniques, and mission profiles. Right now, I can only speak about the Hog. The tactics article is done…10,000 words that will leave you breathless and utterly spellbound! I’m working on a “how to” for shooting A2G ordnance…Maverick, rockets, and gun.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

Cool, when does the game hit the shelves? It would be nice to be able to use the software when these articles hit the Web.

Ships Tuesday.

DAMNIT. Between this and X2, I’ll be broke…AGAIN…

So what’s the final word on this title? Are most posters here excited or disappointed about what they know so far? Seems like it could be a really solid sim, but then I saw some posts about how people were losing their enthusiasm. What happened?

All the old csipcgfs crew on this newsgroup I think is old and cranky and don’t fly sims any more. I’m too busy doing my mix of turn based strategy and FPSes, Geryk is off climbing mountains to get his PhD in Elfology from the Lord High Elf, and everyone else’s joystick is broken and they don’t want to buy another one.

I am an old time sim head and am looking forward to this one. It’s been a while since we had a new modern air sim, especially with an A-10. We shall see what we shall see.

Problem is getting a nice new stick setup… there’s like…

X-45… eh
Top Gun Afterburner, etc… eh
Microsoft hand-me-down… eh
Same ol’ CH retreads… eh


HOTAS Cougar… ah crap

— Alan

I have a Suncom HOTAS in the closet. I don’t think it even works in XP, but I wouldn’t know because I stopped using it a long time ago. Too much bother. I am happy just using my Sidewinder with the twisty rudder. I had an F-22 but hated it because the throw was so damn stiff. I imagine the Cougar is the same way.

I’m trying to get back into sims. I’ve been roaming through my collection, seeing what these things bring back to me.

  1. CFS2: hey, this one ain’t bad. The AI is a bit crap, but the flight models are comfortably realistic enough without constantly punishing the players. Graphics are still very good. Nice middle of the road sim that I’m enjoying spending time with. Some nice soul from SimHQ is still sending out the 1% aircraft AI package, so I am going to go home and install that tonight.

  2. Strike Fighters: Project 1. Never felt like I gave this sim a fair shake. I was wrong. I did. Reinstalled it the other night, along with a bunch of community add-ons. First thought: WHERE’S THE FUCKING TRIM? Nice of TK to model velocity-based variable lift into the flight model, not so nice of him not to include trim controls. Therefore planes wallow and waddle about constantly. Let’s see, what else. Totally goofy targeting system, like EAW’s half-brother with Down Syndrome. AB starts at 70% thrust … WTF? And there’s only one (1) thing that aircraft can crash into in SF … the ground. Fly through FOD, buildings, you name it…no problem. And the wingmen find that one crashable entity whilst landing. Every single time. SF:P1 went right off the HD and will stay that way until the Mythical Patch comes back. I think TK’s written this game off, anyway, so there is not going to be a patch. (Still waiting 8 months after first 2nd patch announcement, yeah.) SF:P1 is so goddamn broken, it stuns me that people are even modding this thing.

  3. CFS3. I won’t play this again until Firepower comes out in the US. From all reports, this add-on makes CFS3 the game it should have been, and more. I’d order it from the UK, but I deliberately turned my credit card and PayPal off some time ago, so it’s a wait until January.

Let’s see, what else?
The lineup of dead (archived) sims:
Gunship! (sorry modification dudes, just no interest here); Flanker 2.5 (too much baggage here, and I do enjoy being able to actually DODGE missiles); Falcon 4 (endless soap opera saga of mods here eventually just burned me out – too much focus on fiddly button-pushing issues on not core issues like say updating the graphics engine), Janes F-18 (another fiddly button pushing sim that I feel deserved more time than what I gave it); WW2F (pretty fun, but I am sadly disappointed that the 2CDs of mods I have with it don’t work at all with XP); EAW (played, enjoyed immensely, all done. Can’t handle the one AI maneuver – split-S at every opportunity – any more.) Not counting the large collection of pre-1997 sims I have, which are just for collection purposes. This includes Red Baron 3D. I will not pay $30 for Full Canvas Jacket. $30 is a bit much for an add-on for a six year old sim.

Oh yeah – Il-2 FB. I really should sit my ass down and get at least proficient on this sim, but jebus christ there isn’t a lot of motivation in the goddamn reds or nazis. Plus I think Il-2 weenies are the height of sim geekdom.

So here’s hoping that CFS2 gets me back into the swing of things for LOMAC



WW2 fighters works for me in XP. What problem are you having with it? And don’t forget Rowan’s stuff. I still play Mig Alley from time to time.

WW2 fighters works for me in XP. What problem are you having with it? And don’t forget Rowan’s stuff. I still play Mig Alley from time to time.

WW2F works fine for me in XP. The community add-on CDs do not. Any time I try to install a mod from the CD, it pretty much nukes WW2F. I got tired of plain old WW2F some time ago, and wanted to jazz it up a little.

Rowan stuff: MA is broken, and the BoB-MA group is (rightfully or not) spending more time on fixing BoB. BoB is a pretty hefty piece of work after the mod kids got their hands on it. BoB and the BDG patch 0.97something.something patch is installed on my HD, and I really should get back into playing that, too. For now, though, I just need to get my feel back with something fairly simple, and CFS2 does the trick.


What’s broken about MA?

What’s broken about MA

More than I feel like listing here. Tons of campaign bugs (campaigns seem to be the weaknesses of the Rowan sims due to their complexity), many reproducable CTDs, etc. etc. It’s still a good sim, the best Korean Sim EVAR, it just tends to … break.


Ah, yeah. I guess I have just come to expect a CTD from MA. I haven’t noticed campaign bugs, but I don’t tend to play more than one or two missions every now and again.