London hit by tornado


Aren’t you glad you emigrated now? A plague of locusts is next, it has to be.

I vote for “weather control experiment gone wrong”. Some old codger is in his garden shed cackling and rubbing his hands.

haha… this sent out by a co-worker this morning:

[quote=]Unbelievable- I thought my wife was losing it when she told me

It went right over our house - thank goodness we sold it last year !!! That roof was over 100 years old and the slates were fragile. Not mention the woodworm… [/quote]

There are tornadoes in England occasionally. One hit Birmingham last year and injured about 20 people. I remember one before that destroying factories in Newcastle. We get earthquakes too, and I’ve experienced a couple of them. I was just a few miles from the epicenter of one of the biggest earthquakes Britain has had in its history, back in 2001 when one struck Coalville. The house felt like it had been hit by a superhuman force, before humming for a minute and then coming to a sudden stop. I was totally freaked out by it. I just wasn’t expecting an tremor of that magnitude in Britain, so I was looking through all the windows for a mushroom cloud on the horizon. Well, it was just after 9/11…

The weather’s insane over here at the moment. By British standards, anyway.


Britain doesn’t have earthquakes, we have the odd outbreak of Cthonians every now and then, thats all.

I don’t know what to make of these tornadoes, thats 2 streets in our cities that have been taken out in recent years. I had no idea they could even form in urban areas.

Dammit TSG, the superpowers thread was JUST A JOKE. Not an invitation for you to prove yours to us all. You mad fool!

Crazy fockin’ Scots.

England tends to not have as many trailer parks as semi-rural North America.

Damn, that’s crazy. When one thinks of earthquakes and tornadoes, England isn’t the first nation to come to mind. Are there volcanoes and shit too? Heheh

Curse those Godless tornadoes!

Yeah, you guys need to start a global war on tornadoes. Hop to it.

And we have poisonous snakes!

Heh, my sister is moving from Oklahoma to London in January. I just wrote her to tell her the tornadoes are on to her.

Let’s not inflame things by implicating all tornadoes; I’d prefer if you referred to it as the Global Struggle Against Freaky Weather. In the meantime, this discussion should be moved to the Politics & Meteorology forum.

It was probably just created by all those gamers rushing through the streets to buy a Wii.

Are there volcanoes and shit too? Heheh

Edinburgh Castle to erupt in hot magma explosion soon.