Long national nightmare of pre-release Fallen Enchantress almost over

Title Long national nightmare of pre-release Fallen Enchantress almost over
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 9, 2012

If you bought Elemental or pre-ordered Fallen Enchantress, you've been able to play the beta of Stardock's fantasy strategy game for some time now. It's been exciting stuff, with inventive twists that make it far more than just a fantasy skinned Civ..

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People should boycott this game. Brad Wardell is a dirty, sexist pig and even admits it in emails he has sent to an employee. Co-workers have backed her up and the evidence is in front of everyones face via the emails of Wardell admitting he is sexist and if she doesn't like it she should quit. A man like this does not deserve any success.

I made the huge glaring mistake of pre-ordering this piece of crap game when it first came out. That killed any of the kudos I felt toward them over Gal Civ II. Brad's true colours that have shown since have put them on the "Never buy their games" list.

I've been playing the beta for a while and it's very meh. I can't recommend Fallen Enchantress to other people, unless it was cheaper (<= $10)

Is that screenshot representative of what the game will look like at release?

I know that brad created some controversy for himself. I’ve talked to him a few times in person and never found him to be overboard. I think he did a good job of explaining why he said what he did, and clearly showed poor judgment in his overall response. We are human, and that happens from time to time. I certainly wouldn’t want to be judged solely based on my comments I made when I lost my temper, so I think I’ll give him the same courtesy.
No as for the game, the beta looks great! I can’t wait for the release. I think it will be enjoyable, and anyone that stay away purely because of comments taken out of context loses out.

I agree. It's one thing to be a misogynist or misanderer in one's mind. It is completely different with ANY interaction with the world. Where should we spend our game money instead?

How many times should someone be excused for more than questionable behavior? Wardell is not particularly reticent on his world views. In this matter, Google can be your bosom buddy and provide some enlightenment.

At least one month premature :(

Yes. Only the last few betas have brought it's appearance up to COE3 level quality.

All joking aside, to me CoE3 is pretty much aesthetically perfect. It is an object of beauty. That screenshot is no such thing.

You do realize you get Fallen Enchantress for free? For all the hate being casually thrown around, the fact that Stardock's trying to make good to all those Elemental early adopters says a lot.

I do agree. I've enjoyed COE3 tremendously and I love the fact that the UI simply fades away for me into something completely functional.

Fallen Enchantress seems to have failed when it escaped the traditional design by committee and veered off onto a sojourn of circles. There appears no clear concept, too MUCH forum input and not enough strong internal opinions(gameplay). I see an art style that started with the promise of simple yet beautiful cell-shading that has morphed into dreary c(l)ayola. Having spent a lot of time reading the forums and looking at feedback, it appears the teams in charge each of AI, gameplay and UI all went their separate ways and agreed to meetup in Tijuana on Monday night after a long four day weekend. The product about to be shipped smells of tequila. I don't think even Mr. Cuervo is interested in getting his hands on this.

COE3 is a winner and I've also played a large amount of satisfying Warlock this year. I'm still wondering what it is that will come to pseudofruition out of Elemental/FE.

So you're saying you make video game choices based on the political preferences of the CEOs of the studios who make them? I think you might be wound up a little too tight.

Add in political/religious views and cultural/gender treatments. If that doesn't sound like a shit storm, I have some blood diamonds to sell you.

Everybody has a pucker factor. If you don't, I'd be more concerned than those the opposite of you.

Loved Fall from Heaven, best thing Stardock did was to hand over the reins to Paxton. Now if stupid personal issues can stop blemishing this I think they're finally onto something fun and unique. I hated beta 4 but have sunk waay too much time into the latest beta 5 versions and it's finally 'one more turn compelling' to me.

So he has political religious and cultural and gender views you disagree with and so you make your video game purchases on that? Do you take that kind of time with all your product purchases or even other video game purchases?

You sound like you have an axe to grind. I'd rather read discussion on a video game. Leave your politics at the door please.

So go ahead and discuss the game. I made a lengthy comment above that I'd love some debate on.

Tell the CEO to leave his own baggage at the door. If someone is unable to separate personal life from business life then that individual is fair game. This is clearly the case here. The ones who end up suffering because of a lack of discretion are always closest who in this case are the employees of Stardock.

What game are you talking about? Even a casual glance around the beta forum shows that people love the beta. The forum posts here on Qt3 indicate people like it.

Can you go troll somewhere else?

Can you enumerate more than 10 who are so favorable of the game? The echo by regulars is simply cacophonous.