Long Term Email Management?

I have about 5 years of email archived. Outlook combined with the Google Desktop search plugin searches through the stack in seconds.

Outlook Express - yick. It’s a horrible, horrible program.

Any recommendations on OSX mail apps? I use an older iBook at home and need something lightweight but with good spam protection (my email addresses are on literally every spammer’s directory, I get thousands of spam daily). I’m currently using the default Apple Mail application… I tried both Entourage and Thunderbird and both left me meh.

Are you using the Tiger Mail App? That one’s pretty damn good.

Dude, how many mailing lists are you subscribed too?

I get a good amount of spam, and I have thousands of emails from several years back. I switched some time back to Opera’s mail client from Thunderbird, and I’m very happy with it.

Does anyone know if Outlook still has that issue with >2GB PST files? I remember back in the day that Outlook was just a tremendous pain in the ass when it came to PST files and file management.

I have most of my email since 1996, and at one point it was in Outlook. I had 4 archive files, since I was afraid to go above about 1.5GB in any PST file.

I’m currently using Eudora, and while it’s not perfect, I like the filters a lot (I have about 400 filters right now). Also, if you set it up to put your user files in the Documents and Settings tree (rather than in c:\program files\eudora) Google Desktop will search them and does a damn fine job.


I have a couple of PSTs over 2g. Haven’t noticed any issues with them.

Are you using the Tiger Mail App? That one’s pretty damn good.

Yeah… it seems to be OK but has a few quirks I don’t like (mainly involving spam)

I manage the database department at a managed service provider, and pretty much all work for my department goes through email. Also, we are alerted to problems via email; thats the 85% of stuff I delete. I have tons of filters and mailboxes and such to keep it manageable. Of the 1500 emails per day that I save, I only skim through maybe half, and actually read 200 or so.

I also subscribe to a bunch of oracle and security mailing lists, but they’re all digests.

The best mail application for OSX is barebones’ mailsmith, by far. Its spam filtering isn’t bad either, but why not just install the best, Popfile? It runs on macos just fine. Popfile is so much better than everything else that it isn’t even funny.

you can use pop3 clients afaik, w/ gmail, just fine. it’s ‘limited’ to 2.5 gb and growing, it grows about 1 gb per year.

I have 9GB of mail on my work computer, which doesn’t contain personal email.

Admittedly personal email is <5% of total volume, but still.

What about mh?