I totally neglected to start a thread on this show last year, as I particularly liked it, warts and all. Kind of a modern-day western, set in Wyoming (though filmed in New Mexico). Features an Australian actor as the lead (he was the base camp manager in Vertical Limit if anyone remembers that), as well as a Philadelphia-transplanted Katie Sackhoff as a deputy. Oh and Lou Diamond Phillips too as Longmire’s best friend, who coincidentally (it is not stated anywhere so it’s something you have to notice) doesn’t use contractions.

The show has some great parts to it, and definitely can give the feeling of the outdoors and long stretches of loneliness, not just out there in nature in a big Wyoming county but… kind of the soul. Plots vary from cowboys, drug running, mining, Reservation politics and relations (which is a big plot in of itself), etc. And a separate subplot involving Longmire’s dead wife and how exactly she died (and the fates of those that might have killed her). And another subplot with Longmire’s other deptuy (who is running against him in the upcoming election) sleeping with Longmire’s daughter. Oh the fun.

Anyway, new season starts tonight.

— Alan

New season!

Oh hell yeah!

Can’t wait, really enjoyed the first season.

Have always been a huge fan of Lou Diamond Phillips.

Never realised this guy was Aussie, and graduated from WAAPA 2km away from my house!

Over-under on the number of times per episode Longmire slowly looks up with a menacing stare while wearing his hat is 4.5.

Forgot to watch and record, doh. I really enjoyed the first season; it started to pick up steam in the latter half with the increasing attention paid to the 3 arcs (rez, election, dead wife).

I am sure they will replay the episode before episode 2 next week.

Longmire S1 was really good; I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. It sits next to Justified on my shelf of “modern idiosyncratic Western Lawmen” series; although not as good, it is really worth a watch.

Trivia: I can’t believe no one in this thread copped to the fact that Longmire was a former colleague of Agent Smith.

I watched the first episode of this season - it wasn’t what i remembered. When did Longmire start hallucinating? When did Katee Sackhoff get so anoying? She was fully as awful as the worst bits of Starbuck. All she did was shriek pointlessly about stuff that couldn’t be changed, while not actually taking any useful action, as the other characters eventually did.

Dunno about your second question, but I think the answer to the first one is “right around the time he started freezing to death”.

I’m sure there were some aspects to the hallucinations stuff late in the first season, though I feel it’s more representing the manifestation of his guilt and that is the best way they can show it onscreen, rather than using internal monologue/dialogue.

I also thought Sackhoff has a track record last season of going off the rails a bit when it comes to being protective of Longmire. Probably just stuck out because it’s the first episode in a while.

Wait wait wait a minute- I am actually going to have to watch TV to see this? I guess I bought the Amazon Instant version of S1 after it had aired previously. I am spoiled by having episodes for whatever I am watching show up automagically for viewing the next day through that method, though.

It doesn’t look like Season 2 is up on Amazon yet, but I just noticed that Season 4 of The Glades – which premiered, I think, the same night as Longmire? – is up, so there’s hope for Longmire Season 2 popping up shortly.

Saw the premiere of S2 yesterday. Good episode. The show retains much of what I liked about last season, while this first episode seemed to have a slightly harder edge to it. I too think the hallucinations were only partially brought on by the hypothermia, and were also a manifestation of Longmire’s guilt over the death of his wife and his actions afterward (which have yet to be fully revealed).

One thing that bugged me about this episode, they don’t say what happend to the FBI agent. She looked in bad shape when Longmire and the killer were fighting, and then what appears to be several hours pass before Branch and LDP arrive, so I assume she bled out in the mineshaft? Not that it matters in the long run I suppose, but it was a strange thing to leave hanging…

For anyone who missed it, the first season of Longmire was recently added to Netflix streaming; and I mean really recent, because it wasn’t there when I checked Netflix for Longmire 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Here is the link to the Amazon Instant Video Season 2 HD page: Longmire S2 HD.

We saw a preview “making of” short for this when we went to see Star Trek a couple weeks back. I’m looking forward to having the time to watch it!

So just watched “An Unquiet Mind” and loved it. Somehow when we get to the serial killer fight on the side of the mountain that would not been too out of place in a 1960’s Western, I am almost completely bought in. That would have been a great season finale for S1. It sure has all of the hallmarks of one. Starbuck was overacting but I think it was just to amp up the drama factor, “WALT’S ALONE ON THE MOUNTAIN!!11!!” He addresses the hallucinations question above when he is in the abandoned cabin talking to the murdered Indian boy: “Hypothermia.” “What is that?” “It’s what you are.” .

Actually yeah you feel like that almost could have been the end of season one, and last night’s episode could have easily been the start of season two. That episode is just… man. Sad. Starbuck was pretty much back to being Starbuck. Seems like Katie is gonna give her dad the shaft.

— Alan

I agree, the whole episode S2E2 was somewhat unsavory all the way around, from the carcasses start to the odd parent-child confab-finish before the teaser. Cady going to talk to the detective does seem to be leaning that way but I am hoping its a head-fake. Its just way too early in the season for that to bear too much real fruit. Does get Dutton back in the game, though.