If you can't catch a replay, A&E streams full episodes after their release.


Just watched "Death Came in like Thunder": Holy crap is this show stepping up their game. Crime of the week is run of the mill but the show surrounding that is amazing. The only risk I see is Walt dropping some ancient Aramaic in a future episode, Vincent D'Onofrio style, if you know what I mean.


I recently ripped through season 1 on Netflix in a weekend and am now keeping up with season 2 on A&E's website. They play commercials but I'm will to put up with it. That's a commentary on how much I like this show.


I'm still kinda peeved they can't just film this in Wyoming in the summer. After June the weather's perfect for that kinda thing, and you get better scenery (and everything else is a tad more legit). Generally speaking they do a good job, but everything looks a tad bit more arid (aside from the snow scenes of course) and the other day I caught red rock mountain formations in the background in a shot or two, which is a tell-tale sign you're not in Wyoming. Surely it's about as cheap as filming in New Mexico.

--- Alan


Given the number of shows that have filmed in NM lately, I'm guessing there must be some sort of monster state subsidy at play.


I get that feeling every time I see something that is supposed to be about west Texas and the shots have green, rolling hills. West Texas has two seasons. Light brown and dark brown.






Just finished season 1 on Netflix and loved it! Really well done and I've been recording season 2 so I'm looking forward to jumping right into it.

Why does Henry not use contractions? Just an affectation? Once I noticed it, it became kinda distracting watching for it when he spoke.


Henry's speech patterns are used to indicate and highlight his Native American and reservation heritage. How accurate this is (and I can't imagine Lou Diamond Philips doing something like that without solid reasoning), I personally don't know.

Man, I am really enjoying Season 2 . Robert Taylor is killing it at times and I am really digging everyone else as well. So far they have managed to make the plots interesting without making Walt too over-the-top super-powered.


Because Internet, here are a couple of papers/presentations about the differences between American Indian English (AIE), Hollywood Injun English (HIE), and Standard American English (SAE).


Going to have to catch up on this. Does it share any similarities to Justified? Seems like Westerns are making a big comeback as modern day rural law enforcement shows.


Crudely you could say if you imagined Raylan to be Art's age and position, and Justified as written by the production staff of The Shield set in Wyoming rather than Kentucky, and squint a little bit, it all works out.


Is anyone else still watching? This week's season finale was excellent.

I'm really impressed with this show. It has quietly become an every week must watch, so much so that sometimes I don't even wait for the DVR, but watch it live with commercials and all. That's a rarity for me. The combination of the beautiful setting, the interesting weekly plotlines, the compelling overarching plotlines, and the talented actors really make for some excellent television. I'm not sure where they will go next now that the Walt's wife's death plotline seems to be coming full circle, but I'm very curious to find out. The events in this season finale, and especially the way the last 5 minutes played out, had me wishing feverently that there was another episode next week. That's the hallmark of good TV.

Anyone who hasn't checked out this show yet should look for Season 1 on Netflix or Hulu or wherever it can be found. If you are at all a fan of crime drama, with a hint of rugged modern-day western thrown in, you'll enjoy it.


I am a big fan and I just finished watching last night (the last two eps, point of fact). Its interesting that the Writers have been sitting on the biggest revelation last night for basically the bulk of the run. I'm pretty sure the 700 dollars thing was known way back in season 1 (but could be wrong). I am really looking forward to season 4.


Man, what a set of cliffhangers to end the season...I love this show.


Agreed on all counts. Even higher praise on my side is rather than watching it on Monday live I, I actually watch it the night after while I enjoy a fine cigar. Such a great show!


I've been watching this and really enjoying it. Still need to watch the latest episode, though!


New season starts Monday!

--- Alan