Yeah, we’ve had Netflix forever, back when the only thing we really used it for was 2-3 DVDs in the mail each month. They were REALLY good at that - just about anything that was out, you could get literally overnight. Then we went streaming only, and it feels like 90% of the time we look for a movie, even classic oldies, we get the message that “That is not available for streaming.”

OTOH - Hurray Longmire!


Filming on season 4 starts this month with the stars starting to arrive in New Mexico.

— Alan


The Longmire Fan Facebook page has all of the social media stuff from the cast heading off for filming.


So the ladyface and I officially have a show we both love, and it’s Longmire. Just recently started and totally hooked. LOVE that Netflix is picking this up.


Given my places of residence, I also wish they could film it in WY. Having some stuff filmed in the Bighorn Basin and also on the eastern side of the Bighorns would just rock my socks off.


Season 4 will get released on September 10!

— Alan




Here’s a teaser!

— Alan


That is fantastic. Gorsh I love this show!


New trailer:

reminder, new season unlocks at midnight Pacific time tonight!

— Alan


Watched the first two episodes. Well, they answer the whole Branch subplot rather quickly…

— Alan


Things definitely go nuts by episode 3. Up through episode 4 now and I’m not sure I like where the Henry subplot is going, but I’ll go with it for now.

The season definitely has a slightly different feel to it. The differences from the show is a bit more use of language and occasional nudity, maybe a bit more graphic violence, and each episode is definitely longer, though the season is shorter (10 episodes, about 55-65 minutes each). The creators mentioned that they had other differences in making the show, like filming in 4k and getting used to an all new sound mix.

So far though? Definite thumbs up still.

— Alan


Just finished the 10th (final) episode. Man, what a great season! So many interesting developments, twists and turns, and crazy realizations. I can’t wait for next season!


We’ve watched through episode 4 so far and man is it way crazier than when it was an AMC show. I miss Branch A LOT (I guess the actor wanted off the show?), and while I’m still enjoying the show it seems somehow a little emptier without such a pivotal character. I’m excited to see where it goes though, and if Walt will eventually take on another deputy (my guess is Henry will fill the role…).


Through episode seven so far. Loving it! The extra 50% time-wise has really allowed them to flesh it out quite a bit too, Longmire is greatest in its quiet moments.


Finished up season four tonight. They just HAD to leave it at another cliffhanger…

— Alan


I have one episode left. I am LOVING this season.


Has anyone ever considered how truly dangerous and crime ridden Walt’s county is?


LOL. Yeah, it’s been covered. :)


I loved it as well, although I just enjoy getting to spend more time with the characters.

I was sorry to see Branch go and did start to get tired of Henry becoming Native Daredevil by the end. All in all I can’t wait for season 5.