My exact feelings too, but that was cliffhanger at the end of this season was very well done, and the events with Jacob N. and Matty were fantastic. Now I have to wait soooo long.

So glad that Netflix bought this and have done so well with it.


Renewed for season 5!!!

— Alan


Just finished the season. Really good. Crazy cliffhanger.


Just started watching this recently. Finished season 3 and am about to dive into season 4, the Netflix years. Its been a good show and I can see why fans were happy Netflix picked it up. The season 3 cliffhanger was so harsh! It will be interesting to see how they resolve that. I see the show was renewed, any idea when the new season airs?


I was joking about this with a friend, we figured by season 5 Walt will be sheriff of a county sized ghost town.


Season 5 should be in the fall as they are finishing shooting soon (if not already).

— Alan


Thanks! I guess Gerald McRaney must have been too pricey for series because they wrapped that bit up pretty quick. Still it allows them to focus on one main baddie instead of splitting it up. I like the shows format. They have a great underlying mythology but still make sure to throw a new mystery at us every episode.


So the girlface and I were going to go to Longmire Days, but the head air traffic honchos released the new schedule this week and now I’ll be pushing tin instead.

I think it’s the first time that I’ve really been pissed at a boss.


Let me see if I have this. You and a person with a girl’s face were going to something called Longmire Days (which I am not Googling, I’ll take your word for it that’s a real thing) but instead you have to keep air planes from crashing into the ground or each other, due to a scheduling issue at work? Can you swap your schedule with another controller?

I’m going completely by reading the IMDB synopsis for the film Pushing Tin as to what that means.


In case someone didn’t know… Season 5 has been out for a week or so now.

— Alan


I love this fucking show.

It started out as fairly procedural, when it was an A&E show, probably. A really good one, but still, it was what it was. As time goes on it sort morphed into something a hell of a lot better and I ended up going from “this is solid” to “this is really good.” The actors really sell it at the end of the day I think.


I agree. I liked it a lot from the start, which is pretty rare for me in general, but it has grown into one of my favorite shows, and I feel like (as is getting more and more common) the move to Netflix only strengthened it. Walt Longmire is easily one of the most fascinating characters on TV in a long while. And the 5th season is just incredible.


Some good news and very bad news for Longmire fans:

The good news is that the show has been renewed for a sixth season.
The bad news is that it’s the final season–Netflix is pulling the plug.

So enjoy it while it lasts.

— Alan


Meanwhile Chelsea and it’s one star will never go away apparently.



So the Sixth and final season of Longmire dropped to Netflix November 17th. My wife and I have been savoring each episode, as we really enjoyed this show and will miss it. We finished it up over the weekend.

If you were a fan of the earlier seasons, you should catch up and finish it out. Season Six is well written, and since they knew going in it would be the final season, the writers were able to bring a very satisfying end to every open thread and storyline that the series hadn’t already closed. The final episode is particularly poignant as it gives each of the main characters a little epilogue wrap-up in a segment set to the music of Lord Huron, which was a perfect fit for the mood.

Longmire wasn’t the greatest show on television, but it was unique and interesting in its own way. The biggest star of Longmire wasn’t any of the actors, but the setting. Every episode featured amazing expanses of beautiful western American countryside, with clear blue sky stretching for miles, mountains in the distance and a feeling of serenity you just don’t see on other television shows. The show runners understood that, and they featured the setting as prominently as any actor, making viewers feel as if, for an hour at a time, they too were connected to this place and these people. That is what I will miss most about Longmire.


I thought the very last scene was perfect. It made me wonder how long they knew they were going to end that way.


Agreed. My wife and I looked at each other and laughed.


Yeah, that was a fantastic final season to a great show. Will miss, but it went out with a hell of a bang and told a complete and excellent tale.


I didn’t care for the ending much, I wont spoil anything, but it felt sort of rushed and weird.

Not that it matters much since everything up until those last like 15-20 minutes was great, so I can forgive it.


I like to drink whiskey and roll this series over my tongue while immersed in the landscape of Montana. Got my Bulliet, ready to finish the season! I’m on Ep 2. La Bamba got some vengence to dish out, I think.