Look out for the spyware banner

It links to a site that promises exciting pirated games that Tom hates, but delivers only foul spyware. Reported.

Awesome. They could not have picked a more perfect game to feature in the ad, either. I wonder if that was intentional or purely an awesome coincidence?

I clicked on that banner once, then googled the address I landed at. I’ve forgotten its name.

They seem to actually offer real free & legal downloads of game demos.

Their download client is spyware/trojan-laden, but, again according to google, they may have dropped that download client, leaving a business model where they get ad revenue for allowing unsuspecting people to download totally free, legal game demos. Or maybe they are data mining by asking users to fill out a form before granting access to those Free, Legal game demos.

Anyway, it’s free, legal and a bit of a scam.

Evil aside, an innovative business model.