Looking for a beamer

So, an old friend of the family asked me for advice as she’s planning to get a new PC and a few other things. She’s also looking for a new beamer to be used with her laptop. The primary purpose would be presentations - not watching DVDs or TV.

I don’t know too much about beamers as I’ve never purchased one myself so far. Any quick recommendations on what brands to look into or avoid? And, of course, if type A costs $100-200 more than type B, but is twice as durable (thus saving money in the long run) I’d go for that one.



Thought this thread was about purchasing a BMW. What the hell is a beamer?

It’d be written “Bimmer” if it was a BMW, no?

I think he means projector.

Go DLP, get one that supports high luminence (the brighter the bulb, the better the picture quality), single lens is fine.

Actually, I really only know about projectors for entertainment use. But now a lot of projectors used for home theatres are office models with a few upgrades.

Look to spend around $1000.

Historically, it’s “bimmer” for BMW cars and “beemer” or “beamer” for BMW motorcycles. Isn’t it amazing the useless trivia you can learn on QT3?



I think he means projector.

That would be correct. I forgot that the term is only common over here (in that context).

Where’s “over here”?


Where’s “over here”?[/quote]

The moon!


Where’s “over here”?[/quote]
The same place where a mobile phone is being referred to as a “Handy” - Germany. :)