Looking for a Dell coupon for this monitor

Anyone know where I can find a coupon for this? I need to order it today or tomorrow (gift for someone, and I know they really were wanting this specific monitor.) Techbargains didn’t seem to have anything…


EDIT _ Just found a 25$ coupon so ‘never mind’! unless you know a better one!

They don’t really give coupons on the cheap monitors.

That’s not true, you find E&A coupons occasionally. Just none right now.

Oh, I didn’t know you could use E&A coupons on monitors. I was talking about monitor-specific coupons, which are usually for the more expensive 20", or the bigger ones. The E&A ones are usually pretty small, though.

Not always reliable.

Thanks guys. I ended up finding a coupon for the monitor that was $25 off and it also gave me free overnight shipping - not bad on a $280 monitor.