Looking for a good card battle game for ds

I used to own a really great yugioh game for the gba and I’m looking for a recommendation for a card battle game for the ds. Is there even anything out there?

The Marvel TCG game is pretty solid, but the game doesn’t do a great job of teaching you the mechanics, so it’s a little rough early on until you figure things out. I felt it was solid enough to be worth a play through and I think you can find it used for around ~$15 or so.

Not a traditional card game, nor a game that got good reviews, but I loved Battles of Prince of Persia. There are several Yu-Gi-Oh! titles.

I just have to offer a differing opinion on this one. I fond the interface so terrible that I couldn’t play more than a handful of duels.

Jason is absolutely right. The DS interface is horrible and provides no way to track the battle chain. As a result, you’re often mystified as to why your opponent is creaming you. Hold off on the Marvel game until you get a PSP.

Other than that, the pickings are pretty slim for CCGs for the DS. I believe there were a few Yu-Gi-Oh titles for the DS, but a cursory Google didn’t dig up much info. I think this is the newest one.

I own this YuGiOh DS, might have been the first DS incarnation, from back in '06.

As I recall, I found the actual battles and the interface/controls for those battles extremely well done. I found the ‘overland’ world… where you had to go wandering around (I think it was) Tokyo to find battles… so annoying I wanted to tear my eyes out.

So if you can get past the latter, I think you’ll enjoy the former. I still have it, and keep thinking I should get back to it.

I do remember one really long and close battle that went on for so long, I didn’t release the battery was dying… until it died before I finished.