Looking for a good DisplayPort Switch

Naturally, my monitor only has one DP port, and I am one of those people who can tell the text quality difference between HDMI and DP.

I got a cheap DP switch but haven’t been happy with it.

Bonus points if this switch can also do USB. Preferably under $100.

Whoa. There’s a quality difference between the two with text? What exactly do you see?

It’s hard to describe. I used to work in typography and I have very, very good close vision. I am cursed by seeing edge pixels. When I had the 4k monitor, no problem. But when I went to a widescreen, there is a very, very, very very slight sharpness I notice with DisplayPort.

But like very, very, very slight things, it can be a not to slight thing at imes.

My experience is that cheap switchers don’t tend to be good, and good switchers don’t tend to be cheap. Level1 Techs sell excellent KVM switchers, but you’re gonna pay. 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Single Monitor - Two Computer — Level1Techs Store

edit: found I was looking at the dual monitor version. Single’s slightly less horrifying.

I’ve looked for something similar over the last few years and never could find anything inexpensive. The problem with cheaper DisplayPort switches is that a lot of them don’t have EDID emulation, which means every time you switch the computer you’re switching away from thinks the monitor is disconnected while the system you’re switching to thinks the opposite, and it takes way more time to switch (not to mention typically throwing any open windows around). If you don’t switch a lot, that’s probably not as much of a problem, but for me it was a deal-breaker.

I ended up getting a new monitor, the Gigabyte M27Q Pro, which has a KVM built-in and after some testing, found that my desktop plugged in to the DisplayPort and laptop in the USB-C worked pretty well. I still need to manually switch my second monitor, but it’s been about as close to a solution as I could get without spending a ton of money on a standalone switch. I’m sure this isn’t the option you’re looking for though as you probably wanting to stick with your current monitor.