Looking for a good horror game

I know it’s not october yet, but with the silent hill movie coming out soon, I’m in the mood for some horror games. Before everyone tells me RE4, here’s a list of the ones I’ve played:

I’ve played and beaten every Resident Evil game, besides gun surivior and the outbreak series.
Beaten Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill1 and 2, Fatal Frame 1, Clock Tower 3.
I’ve rented Silent Hill 3 and 4, Fatal frame 2 and 3, as well as Siren(not playing that one again though). Lastly I played the excellent Clive Barker’s Undying.

So are there any gems I missed? Also is there any news on Siren2, and Rule of Red(I think that’s the name).

People will tell you Sanitarium is scary. It’s not, save for one cutscene about 2/3 of the way in. The beggining and near the end are a little unsettling, but then there you are in some fruity Nowheresville OF THE MIIIIIIND fiddling with fucking switches and musical note puzzles on a timer. If you really want that game to scare you, go to gamefaqs and read the puzzle solution guide. Step 23: flip the left alien fly wing to the ‘up’ position. Step 24: go insane IRL.

Vampire TM: Bloodlines has some pretty groovy scary sequences, most notably the Haunted Mansion, which is pretty early on. I found the game playable regardless of its moribund outcome, but the first half of the game is the better half at any rate. Seriously, the game is worth playing just to play the haunted mansion.

Missing has some decent creepy bits to it, if you have half a brain and don’t need your scares thrown directly into your face.

Painkiller may be more Doom-scary than survival horror-scary, but it’s a good game and has plenty of atmosphere.

Isn’t Bethesda publishing a Cult of Cuthulhu game here in a week or so? At least for the PC since it’s been out on Xbox and/or PS2 for months.

Yeah, why doesn’t Missing get more love? System Shock 2 also qualifies as horror.

But you really can’t get much better than Fatal Frame 3. You mentioned you’d rented it, but I wasn’t sure if that meant you’d also actually played it. :)


According to some news sites, Call of Cthulhu:Dark Corners of the Earth for
PC should have been out by now. I have no idea what happened. I saw the
new Tomb Raider in one store this weekend, but no DCotE.

Haunting Ground (PS2) is sorta OK. It’s survival horror with the usual amount
of weird Japanese elements.

The Aliens vs. Predator games are considered horror games, although that’s
mostly when you’re playing a marine :)

Fatal Frames 2 & 3 are the pinnacles of the genre. Few come close, none have surpassed them.

I didn’t count pain killer or Vampire, but I did play them both, and yeah that mansion part was crazy. I did play avp before. With FF3 I got to around chapter 7 or 8 I think, the one right after you play as her boyfriend.

Speaking of AvP, I think the recent series The Suffering is sort of a kindred spirit, and well worth renting at the very least. The atmosphere and storylines aren’t as great as stuff like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, System Shock 2 and so forth, but for me, the combat is far more enjoyable. I know some people prefer the slow pace of SS2 and its ilk, so I’m not saying it IS better… it’s just personal preference speaking here.

I prefer the combat of AvP and The Suffering primarily because they pose a genuine challenge. They’re very fast-paced, and while you’re in possession of some pretty nice firepower, so are your enemies. Thus each battle feels like a struggle for your very survival.

I did play the first suffering awhile ago but I haven’t played any of the suffering 2

System Shock 2

Condemned is pretty good, don’t know when its coming out for pc

Thief is always fun to play in a darkened room with headphones on. You’re really missing out if you’ve never played the Cathedral missions or Down in the Bonehoard :O

If you’re really hankering for a truly horrifying experience, Universal Combat with Starforce copy protection should fit the bill.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is the one I can think of you left out. I’ve had alot of fun with it, although I expect it’d play better with a keyboard and mouse so you might want to wait for the PC version (whenever that is).


Anything that isn’t from LG is just gorefests and HP Lovecraft/Clive Barker ripoffs.

I’ve heard that cthulu was decent, they said it was pretty average all around. I heard that condemmed for the pc is coming soon. Does anyone know if an undying 2 will be made?

Undying bombed, so no.

I didn’t find Condemned scary at all - just boring and repetitive. Excellent atmosphere in the opening level, but a one-trick pony after that.

So was I the only one who ever played Siren? First time I played it, hated it all the way, and didn’t get far. Second time I got somewhat far but the game mechanics (sniper zombies) started to get on my nerves. Is fatal frame 3 going to be on the xbox like 2? I think I may check out the suffering 2 though.

Horror is so very difficult to do that finding a good horror anything is next to impossible. Hollywood has been screwing up horror for years and it keeps getting worse, and since it seems the game industry so desperately wants to be a little Hollywood, I don’t expect it will ever fare much better.

Still, there have been some good games in the genre, but they’ve mostly all been mentioned already. Call of Cthulhu could have gone wrong in so many ways, but it actually turned out to be quite well handled. It’s not the best game by any mean, nor is very horrifying, but it has a great atmosphere which is one of the most difficult things to capture in a horror title.

I’d recommend Alone in the Dark, but won’t because the graphics will prevent it from being scary today. When it was released, it was terrific - and if you played it then, you can take yourself back and enjoy it the same way. However, if you go into it fresh today it probably won’t do anything for you.

Thief: Deadly Shadows isn’t really horror, but it had a great horror-themed level in the haunted asylum and the mindless gollum things stomping around and chanting later in the game are satisfyingly creepy as well.

I find the Silent Hill series to be too similar to modern cinema’s take on horror to hold any appeal for me, which is something that extends to most of the other horror titles of recent years. Horror comes from creating the right atmosphere with a high level of immersion and, most importantly, it rarely reveals much of what is out there in the dark, waiting to pounce. Too many games and movies devote way too much screentime to the monster to the point where it is no longer scary. They attempt to make up for it by forever increasing the shock value of the monsters, trying harder and harder to make things “disturbing” visually rather than truly put a shiver in your bones by never being quite sure if you just saw something and are about to be descended upon by the legions of Hell. (Or the alternate evil dimension of your choice…where all the bad guys have goatees.)

System Shock 2 is probably one of the finest horror games of recent memory, as has already been mentioned. I haven’t tried Fatal Frame 3, but I didn’t care enough for the first one to bother with the others. Has the third entry taken a different route than the previous installments? Should I try it?

It seems that it’s hard to get all of the components to gel in a horror game. The gameplay may be there, but the horror atmosphere gets lost. The first Blair Witch game is a good example of that, while the later entries in the series are just good examples of horrible everything.

There are some good older (late 80s, early 90s) games in the genre, if you’re interested in tracking them down and giving them a try. I just question their effectiveness today if you weren’t exposed to them previously, as their graphics may conspire to work against your suspension of disbelief in comparison to the visually sophisticated games we’re used to playing today.

Oops. That should read exactly the opposite, sorry about that. Great horror atmosphere, lots of wonderful “did I really just see something” moments, but horrible gameplay. The game is one giant maze. That changes. Awful, just awful.

Gregory Horror Show. Sort of a cross between Parappa the Rapper and Silent Hill. Great game, especially if you’re looking for something a little bit different. PS2.