Looking for a good input name generator

Yes, my Google-fu stinks… and so far I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a name generator where you can enter a single word and have a race or character name generated based on the word you entered. So far I’ve only found name generators which require the input of both a first & last name. Anyone have some references?

Thanks :)

Kids today have no imagination… Back in my day, we had to read obscure novels and steal names from them.

Are you looking for, assuming for example you’re a fantasy nerd, something that would take “jpinard” and turn it into “jerin pinardine” or “pinar jada” or “jpkar innards,” depending on criteria such as race or gender or whatever?


Google: RPG character name generator

7th link down.

Randomly generates crap, enter substring. Doesn’t work with my firefox (scripts disabled) so can’t test.

You could always call yourself “Darth Maul”? I hear that’s a cool name.

Also, try “Sephiroth”.

If that doesn’t work, try “Johnny9415”, for that good old fashioned AOL effect.

I’d like to take staples like Galileo, celestial names etc. But Rob Beschizza - that’s kind of what I wanted. The option for asking it to create either one or two name combos is a plus.

wisefool - I can’t get it to work either.

It would be fairly simple to make something that turned “Galileo” into various random permutations like “Galigrunt Lileogram.”

But I get the feeling that’s not what you want. Give a few off-the-top-of-your head examples.

I used to like, change an “e” to an “ae” to be original.

/nod sagely

Jpinard, did you try first link in “rpg name generator”? it lists names by categories (humor, scifi, angelic/demonic, etc.) You may find it useful. Man this reminds me of those Traps Lite! books I used to buy in Compleat’s. This troll thing Grimm detailed drawings of evil fiendish dungeon traps, along with severity ratings. Fun to read, not really possible to use them if you wanted to keep talking to your players the next day (really deadly traps)

The fun one was Gurps Space’s random planet generator. One of those Gurps books was about some sci-fi universe (from a book) making random races up. it was great, roll up the diet, method of locomotion, number of eyes, fun stuff.

That’s Grimmtooths traps… There were quite a few volumes, although only the first and possibly second were any good.

my name (Dr.Awesome) came from the random name generator in worms armageddon

My name comes from a remote Italian village where everyone, including every headstone in the cemetary, has the name “Beschizza.” This faintly disturbs me.

Yes I bookmarked that site… but most of the name generators they have are random with no input function. I don’t mind that, but it takes a little bit away from the feeling you had “some” kind of input, wther it be a few consonants and a vowel or an entire word. Not sure if that makes sense.

Another mix I’ve tried is to combine my ancient heritage of Gaelic, Celts, and Germanic tribes… but so far nothing has turned out good - and just using common or well known names wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for the ideas everyone!