Looking for a nice rack. For comics

I’m looking for a nice comic book rack, like you’d find in a bookstore. The rotary kind would be ideal. I just think it’d be a nice way to display current issues, or show off choice recommendations, I’ve got some friends that come over and read stuff pretty regularly. I can’t find anything the right size though. I’ve been trying different combinations of keywords trying to narrow my search on froogle, but anything too comic-specific and all I get are a zillion returns for actual comics.

This is the closest thing I can find to what I want. It’s exactly the sort of style I’m looking for, but it comes in two flavors, the too-big for comics magazine size and the too-small for comics pamphlet size.

Anybody got any ideas where I could find something like this? My local comic guy recommended I hit thrift stores, but I don’t know where any are nearby, nor did I realize that was even an option. I thought that’s where you went to buy old shirts for a quarter.

$136? For that rickety fucker? I guess it’s space-conscious, but you might have an easier time with this. Jesus, those shelves are expensive.

I’m prepping to ditch those stupid cardboard comic boxes for filing cabinets. It will probably look stupid having them laying on thier sides so they’ll fit, but fuck it. The longer/deeper ones are about as long as the cardboard boxes, plus you can lay some comics flat underneath the vertically-arranged comics, so you can easily get a 1:1 cardboard:file cabinet shelf ratio. Office Depot or Office Max and the like sell some groovy 4-shlevers for about 130 bones, I was thinking on going with those.

Man, that’s an awesome idea. The filing cabinet one, I mean. I’ve used regular cardboard filing boxes or whatever they’re called for the past few years, and have been getting ready to buy another dozen or so longboxes, which I hate. Wonder how many books you could get into a standard four-door filing cabinet?

Yeah, filing cabinets will be the way to go for the comics in storage, but I’ll stick with my rubbermaid filing thingies until I’m either out of the apartment hopping life, or it becomes clear I never will be.

For the magazine racks, yeah, ~$130 is pretty steep, I was hoping for something more like $80 tops. I’m definitely not even considering the stupidly more expensive ones. I don’t think I’ll get the $130 one either, it was just a good representation of what I’m looking for.

Maybe one day I’ll get around to going on an unorthodox crime spree, robbing a Waldenbooks in the mall for their comic stand, then kicking in the door at EB and stealing all their empty display boxes so I can put the games I pick up used at Blockbuster into “real” Xbox cases. Finally, a crime they can really blame on GTA.

I typically only buy graphic novels or collected works (I hate the ads). For me, it’s then easy. You just stack them up on their sides with the binders facing outwards. I put a piece of custom cut felt down on the shelf the same sizde as a standard comic to prevent the bottom one from being scratched. For bigger ones like Eisner’s City People, etc., they get their own stack.