Looking for AI programmers

If anyone here is an AI programmer looking for a job (or a new job) who is willing to relocate to Montreal, and has industry experience, drop me a PM and I’ll fill you in on a few of the details.

Full disclosure: I’ll get $500 to $1000 if any of you schlubs gets hired.

Canadian or US?

— Alan

That, sir, is a good question. Canadian for sure, US… not so sure. I’ll find out.

Americans are good to go as well.

I think he meant what flavour of $.

Oh. Canadian of course. Canadian companies don’t pay in USD.

Those bastards!

Yeah, it’s like we’re a sovereign nation or something.

bah. the exchange rate is almost even these days with the USD in the crapper. It’s really annoying, I was looking forward to a pretty bump in my savings when I go back, but now I’ll just wind up paying taxes. I’ll have to sneak it in in gold or something. On a boat over lake superior.

The way the greenback is going, even if he gets US he’s smart to convert to Canadian :(

Buying PS3s in Canada and eBaying them in the US: the new currency speculation.

Yeah, it’s like we’re a sovereign nation or something.

I call bullshit.

As a lifetime gamer, I can’t claim to believe in AI. The computer is a cheating bitch.