Looking for an HDMI switch for a multi monitor setup

I have two monitors and 4 devices. One of the monitors is a normal computer monitor (Acer), the other a 4k monitor. In regular setups, my MacBook Pro goes to the 4k monitor. My work laptop and gaming PC go to the non-4k monitor. This monitor only has one HDMI port; the 4k 2. I also might hook up my iPad.

What I’d like is a switch that can let me mix and match between all of the systems. For example, one moment have the Work Laptop go to the Acer, and the MacBook the 4K. Or, with a button press the Gaming PC to the 4k, and my iPad to the Acer.

The man thing is I want both monitors to be active.

I was looking at this on Amazon. Not sure if it’s what I need or not.

My relationship with switches has always been mixed. They work fine for a week and than stop. My experience was that one manufacturer might work well with one setup and change a monitor and now the current switch won’t work anymore.

You may need to test different products to find the right one for your setup so I would make certain about the return policy.

I ordered the one I linked to. After looking at it a second time I can mix and match the way I wanted.

I Wonder if and how it works with multiple resolution of multiple screens. The fact it has got an edid override makes me wonder if it won’t ask you to set it to the lowest resolution for it to Output all your devices to all your screens.

Yeah, we will see. I am curious if it will extend screens between two devices, but I doubt it will do that.

How often do you need to actually switch between them?

I have my work laptop and gaming desktop hooked up to the same dual monitor setup. Instead of expensive HDMI or Displayport switches that handled dual monitors I instead looked at my use case, which was laptop during the day, desktop evenings and weekends.

With that in mind I instead put my desktop on Displayport for both of my monitors and the laptop on the HDMI ports. I then bought cheap ($10-20) USB switchers to swap my keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers, and webcams from one PC to the other. This has worked quite well for me in the past 6 months. I just switch monitor inputs and usb switcher when I want to swap which pc I want to use.

Something to think about.

Up until this whole extended WFH thing, not that much. Now… fairly often.

In the Before Times, my non-4k monitor was my gaming PC monitor; the 4k my Mac Monitor. If I worked from home, I either used our VDI service to work, or would just plug my laptop in. It wasn’t all that often I’d work from home, so it was workable.

Now, I find myself wanting to bring different devices up on different monitors. Sometimes during the day I might want my Gaming PC on one monitor, and work laptop on another. Or the Mac and Work laptop. During lunch, I might want to take the work laptop out and have gaming and Mac.

My Acer only has one HDMI port, so I can’t switch back and forth, so getting the HDMI splitter helps with the cable mess and I have a remote I can just pick and choose.

Reporting in: The HDMI thing came today. Works almost perfect, which given the use cases is as good as perfect. I can have my work, gaming, or MacBook on the 4k, and work and gaming on the Acer. The only thing I can’t do is get my MacBook to the Acer. I think it’s because the Mac sees that connection as the 4k resolution the Acer doesn’t support. I am not going to look into solving it since I will almost never want that as my main display as my Mac. What I do have is a cable that floats between my Mac and my work laptop that will let me extend the displays.