Looking for Auto Machanic near Northridge

I have a daughter at CSU Northridge. I think some people on this forum are from the LA wastelands.

Does anyone have an auto mechanic they would recommend for what should be (from the description) a pretty simple fix of the AC system in her car? She goes to school at CSUN and lives in Canoga Park so anything in that area would be good. She is also probably close to being due for an oil change.

I’ll refer you to Car Talk’s mechanics files.

This is the opposite way from CSUN than to Canoga Park, but we’ve been using these guys for several years now: http://www.randsautomotive.com/ I sound like an ad, but they’ve always been very good to us and have earned our trust. They don’t try to load on extra work, prices are good, usually they have same day service. Several times we have come in to have something looked at, turned out to be a warranty repair, so they send us to the dealership to have that fixed for free instead of charging us to do it themselves.

Thanks for the info.