Looking for batch mp3 renaming software

Any suggestions? I want something to take a bunch of mp3s and rename the files based on the ID3 tag information. I used to use Dr. Tag with fair success, but I lost it in a reformat. I went looking for it again and it’s moved on several versions. This new one seems to conflict with however iTunes deals with ID3 tags because a lot of the files I resave with Dr. Tag loose their ID3 tag info.

So, any other programs or suggestions, preferably freeware?

In addition to being an excellent audio player, Foobar2000 has a masstagger that can do what you want.

Thanks, looks promising.

Tag and Rename is really good, too.

Wow, Tag & Rename is nice. I especially like how they let you grab allmusic.com info, it makes it quite easy to update my mp3s with album artwork a lot faster than I was doing before with iTunes. I was looking for free stuff, but this is impressive enough I may just pay for shareware!!!

I use MP3 TagTools.

I tried Tag & Rename a year back, but for some reason I never liked using it. That’s when I found TagTools. It’s free, it’s fast and it does everything I want it too, and I’ve stuck with it since then.

Tag and Rename -is- awesome. When we restarted up WASTE, I soon realized that my mp3 collection needed to be extensively reorganized. Since I had over 15 gigs of them, that was no small task. Luckily, they were all laboriously tagged, since I only use mp3s for my Dell DJ. Anyway, Tag & Rename allowed me to automatically sort them into an easy to navigate directory structure (Genre -> Artist -> Album) in less than an hour. Wish Met K would do that already.