Looking for case recommendations for iPad Air

I’ve been searching without luck for a decent iPad air case for a while. Preferences:

[li]Not held in by elastic[/li][li]Working autolock feature[/li][li]Stays closed when closed (either by latch or magnetic)[/li][li]Comfortable to hold when folding cover back and underneath the iPad[/li][/ul]

This last point is the most important and where many of the cases I’ve looked at fail. The Smart Cover (which is not a case, I know), for example, is very uncomfortable and awkward to me when folded back underneath the iPad.

I’ve been very happy with the case linked below.

My solution is to carry the iPad in a cheap $5 case and use a $15 stand when I want to use it on a flat surface:


I really carry it around in a small backpack so I feel it’s secure in the cheap case and backpack. I like to use a naked iPad when I hold it because it’s lighter, but the stand is great for use on a table or desk.

I recently picked up this thing:http://www.amazon.com/ZAGG-Backlit-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Air-Black/dp/B00EXPSEFQ

The Zagg keyboard case folio with backlight. While not as well made as a Logitech product and isn’t as easy to type on, using more “normal” smaller sized keys with a standard layout compared to the Logitech’s full sized keys with a non-standard layout, it turns the iPad into a laptop. This is what those Clamcase people were aiming for but never quite achieved. It even has a backlight with multiple colors! The Fabricskin doesn’t have an adjustable angle and so is harder to use in bed. It’s cleverly balanced in such a way that the iPad is balanced just so even at the full 135d angle, though it only takes a strong breath to topple it.

I returned that. It pinched the iPad way too hard.

I prefer the Zagg keyboard cover for the Air. It’s the one where the Air is gripped by the hinge of the keyboard. I’m also trying out the Logitech folio but it’s driving me crazy with the non-standard key layout. Ctrl and A on the same key? Madness!

Will old Air cases and accessories work with the Air 2 being announced today?

Probably. Wait 4 hours!