Looking for Civ4 mods

I just got this yesterday. Fiddled for an hour with the tutorial at noon. Then I fired it up again at the evening and stayed up until 2. I can’t wait to get back home to play some more.
Are there any worthwhile improvement mods for this (Not that I have any complaints at all). I’m not looking for new content or changing game play. Just stuff that makes what’s in there easier / nicer - GUI enhancements and such.

http://civilization4.net/ has loads of stuff. I’m using the Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization mod right now, and it’s nice. Bunches more there too.

The other main Civ site is Civ Fanatics. I slightly prefer their forum discussions to Apolyton (TheWombat’s linked site), but both are worthwhile.

I’m not sure how much overlap there is in the mod development forums between the two sites. In the Civ Fanatics Customization forum, I really like Blue Marble (in Graphics Modpacks) for better looking terrain, and Better AI (subforum in Project & Mod Development) as an AI mod. I haven’t tried any of the unit graphic mods. I’ve also heard great things about Fall from Heaven (I & II) and the Rhye’s and Fall mod mentioned above (all in Project & Mod Development), although they do change game play.

Ooh, thanks; had not remembered CivFantatics, but need to check that out!

there’s a good interface-only mod (actually, a compendium of interface-only mods) that I talked about here: http://www.designer-notes.com/archives/2006/07/a_moveable_inte.htm

I keep meaning to install Civ 4, but I never have. I bought it for my wife, and she hasn’t played it either.

Thanks, thats what I was looking for.
Thanks for the other pointers - I’ll try them after I get some play time with vanilla.

Robert! You’re missing out on the best game of like, the past four years! Or, you’re lucky 'cause you still have it to look forward to. Whichever.

I wasn’t aware of this until pretty recently, but the upcoming Civ 4 expansion that’s coming out later this month looks pretty promising in terms of the number (and hopefully quality) of mods that it will contain.

A Civ 4 mod that makes the game play out like X-Com? Bring it! :)

Yes, the upcoming expansion pack looks very sweet indeed. However, you might as well pick up Fall from Heaven now, since what’s being packed with the xpack is a scenario, not the full mod. And you really, really, really (really) want the full mod. In some ways it’s better than the original.


Some other nice enhancement I found over at the fan sites. Have to wait till I get home to try them though:

Changing text size, style and background - should be very usefull.
MOD launcher - not sure what it does. MODs can’t be launched through Civ’s UI?

Civfanatics has tons of modpacks. I think I’ll settle for this now.

Mods can be launched through the Civ4 UI, but require you reload Civ4. Most mods come with shortcuts so you only have to launch the app once. I guess this launcher automates that (I’m just guessing, having not seen it).

I still get enormous enjoyment out of Civ IV/Warlords, vanilla or with mods; I find myself playing it instead of more recent games, and it still has that “one more turn” quality to it. I wonder though if a faster CPU would speed up the AI turns–some of them take forever particularly with mods like Rhye’s and Fall.

That annoys me, too. No matter how fast the system is, the AI turn always takes several seconds by midgame, even on a small map. I wonder if it’s the Python subsystem or perhaps inefficient thread synchronization…

Out of curiosity and off-topic, what settings do you guys usually use? These days I generally play with 10 random civs on a standard-size fractal map at Prince difficulty, Iron Man style, and win maybe 1/3 of the time. I can’t imagine stepping up to the next difficulty level for a while yet, if ever.

I play on “I suck” settings. And if I manage to finish a game, I’m Dan Quayle, usually.

It’s because the AI builds tons and tons and tons of units. Rhys and Fall tries to address this by having periodic plagues wipe out units (player and AI both) but it’s problematic at best. It’s been a problem in Civ back to Civ 1, though.

This is one reason why Fall from Heaven is so great… there’s a hard cap on the number of units past the early stages, which helps keep down AI bloat.

The other problem is that the AI gets all sorts of perks, even at the easier levels. Among other things, they pay significantly lower upkeep and upgrade costs for units, allowing them to maintain large standing armies of modern troops. The AI players also have reduced inflation and war-weariness.

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Well, on Jason’s prompting I installed the game and worked through the tutorial today. Should I play straight-up first, or jump right into some of these mods?

Just the core game is fine. When you want a more challenging game (without it being challenging just because of improved AI bonuses), try the Better AI mod. If you want a more complex game in a rich fantasy setting that is a little overwhelming at first, play Fall From Heaven 2.