Looking for comments on tablet PCs

I’m thinking about getting a tablet PC for a couple reasons. Firstly, I’ll be reviewing and marking up a lot of documents for both work and academic environs. Secondly, I still want to have the ability to actually use whatever device as a laptop for, frankly, gaming, as well as writing said documents. I could just write with the stylus, but I’m more comfortable with the keyboard.

I first looked at the iRex iLiad, which seems like a nice eBook/PDF reader which also allows markup. Unfortunately, previews of the thing seem sparse on detail and some sites claim that it’ll price between $700-$800, which seems high.

I then started reading up on tablet PCs and came across a few references to the Asus R1F, which as far as I can tell will be the first dual-core tablet PC. This seems like it’s worth waiting for, but I’m not sure how much it’ll be and whether or not the Yonah cores will kill battery life. Anandtech ran a review of the Yonah chip which praised its power consumption, but that comparison was against an AMD 64 X2 and I’m not sure how well the lower consumption correlates with battery life, given that a tablet probably has a lighter/less powerful battery than a normal laptop. The information I’ve been able to read on the R1F also makes no mention of price or release date. Asus didn’t even market it at CES, it just sat on a table.

Is this a wild goose chase? Is this the right tool for what I’m trying to do? Is the R1F worth waiting for?