Looking for Games Like The Chaos Engine

Do you remember The Chaos Engine by the Bitmap Brothers?

That was/is one of my favourite games from my Amiga owning years and I’ve got a sudden desire to play it and games like it at the moment. So if you happen to know of any good recent games that evoke the Chaos Engine vibe then suggest away!

Note: Co-Op isn’t a big deal but having the second AI character is. Also if it’s a bit Steampunky then that’s a bonus.


I had no idea what this was until I looked it up. I played the console port. It was a fun game, but brutally hard. It was kind of a top down shooter in the gauntlet type of vein.

The first thing that springs to mind is Alien Swarm, at least as far as top down and co-op, though it lacks the personality of Chaos Engine.

Arcanum. Yeah I know, the theme is close though and it certainly has AI partners.

I thought of Alien Swarm but Chaos Engine had alot of puzzles going on and the level layouts would change around you it was definitely more than a straight shoot-em-up after the first couple of levels.

Sega Genesis game Gain Ground comes to mind. Most likely selling on Steam for about half a peso.