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I’ve been lurking on this site for a long time, and want to say thanks to Mark and Tom for cutting down on the stupid “one-liner” posts by forcing registration. That got me to register, since I can’t anonymously post “Yawn” to everything Tyjenks posts anymore! Haha! Anyway, it’s nicer to read the forums now.

One thing I miss, though, is the daily news. These forums are great, but I’d really like to find a site where I can read daily game news and opinions with a consistent voice, kind of like when I sit down with my paper in the morning. I know that no matter how many times Mark says to send him news because he is just about to start up the news page, he is never going to do it, so it’s no use hoping anymore. Is there another site I could read every day? It doesn’t seem like there is one. Gamespot is the biggest I guess, but wow, how can a site with so much content manage to make it all so consistently anonymous and boring? If it wasn’t for the fact that my bookmarks are broken in IE and I have to type the name in every time www dot gamespot dot com, I would forget what the damn site was called. Even the stuff they do to try to give themselves more personality like Gamespotting manages to make them have less personality. It is like they have a pee aitch dee in putting me to sleep! I should stop now. The gaming magazines don’t have any good websites, probably because they want you buying their product. I miss Computer Games Online. Computer Gaming World has gamers.com, which is a pretty good place to go every day, if you’re 14 years old and can’t read!. Gamespy reads like they are going for this same audience but are pretending they aren’t. IGN and Avault don’t merit a mention, except maybe as the punchline to the joke I was going to put here but couldn’t think of.

Maybe I am remembering things as being better than they actually were, but it seems like there used to be more interesting game sites. OGR and Games Domain were two great ones, but one is long since dead and the other might as well be. Is there anyone who does an intelligent weblog about games that updates more than once every six weeks? If you know of one, please tell me about it.


Next Generation online and FGN were the best back in the day… sigh…

No, no. He said consistently updated :)

Anyway, we don’t cover mainstream games, and those are probobly the ones he wants to read about.

I recommend Frictionless Insight. By far the smartest of the news linkers and they post analysis too.


This is more of a news site that a preview/review site, but
it’s a good one:



Loyd Case

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and here I will save you the trouble:


Wow that was fast. Thanks. GMicek is right that I’m not that interested in multiple news items about Think Tanks for Linux, no offense to the programmers if they are reading this site right now. Frictionless Insight looks interesting - an investment banker from Yale reviews Crash Bandicoot. How crazy is that? It’s a really ugly web page.

While I’m thinking about it, there was a site somewhere that I thought for a long time was a parody or joke site, but then the owner came here and started debating metaphysics and gaming which made me think maybe it is/was serious. Is that site still around? I tried searching for the thread here but can’t find it. It was something about postmodern, deconstructionist gaming. I don’t want to read it but maybe I will pass the link to friends as a joke.

Despite poor design, this site updates regularly:


Drawback: the site is still sort of finding its character, so there’s some strange articles in there.

When I asked the same question you did on some ill-fated board, I got the following good recommendation:


Drawback: Must register. It’s free, though.

Finally, I have to admit I still read Blue’s News for information and links to reviews on various sites, except IGN, for all the obvious reasons.



Are you looking for a good games site or a site for regurgitated news bits? The two ARE mutually exclusive, in case you were wondering.

And if you are looking for a good games site, well, you can strike this [QT3] one off your favorites, cuz it ain’t it. :D

For unbiased, good news without the useless rubbish (like from those psychotic time wasting wankers over at VE), try Homelan Fed or Blue’s News

http://news.gametab.com/ - not a site that does its own news, but combines the news from all the top sources into one place.

I kind of gathered he was looking for one that had an editorial voice and gave analysis. Blues and Homelan Fed are cool and all (JCal lives in Sac if I’m not mistaken, so that makes me a fan by association), but they’re link sites more than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s like going to Yahoo news and reading the intro to every story, as opposed to going to the New York Times and reading the real thing.

You have to say “jinx” first.

I’m trying , feedback welcome. I just forget to use spell check.


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Loyd Case

That’s actually exactly what I’m not looking for. GMicek has it right - again. I’d like something with an editorial voice that gives analysis, not just some place to tell me that there is are new screenshots of a game up at some site I have never heard of. I don’t care about that.

The Gamecritics site that jeep recommended is closer to what I’m looking for, although having me register so that I can click through their link to an article I could get for free on CNN Money is just totally ridiculous. I’m glad I told them I was a jet fighter test pilot who lives in Bahrain and makes ten million dollars a year. I hope that screws up their demographic database. I like their second opinion reviews - that’s a great idea that more sites should use. Games Domain had that. They probably still do, but who cares.

Since DivDevlin said feedback is welcome, here is some: I looked through all of your news items, and none of them were very interesting to me. I’m not saying your site is bad, since that would be rude plus it’s not exactly true, but it doesn’t make me want to come back for any particular reason.

If I were in charge of a gaming website, which thank god I am not, I would find two or three interesting things each day, and comment on them. I’d make sure that I had something interesting to say, and not just “I can’t wait for Rise of Nations, can you?” And I’d leave the cut-n-paste to Blues News.

Someone here at QtT linked to a weblog at www.costik.com once. That guy has some interesting things to say, except a lot of the time it is about mobile wireless gaming, which makes it not so interesting anymore I guess, who knows. He also goes long stretches without updating. And he doesn’t seem to have a clue about mainstream games. Plus he’s a bad writer. If he could fix all that and write game reviews, that would be cool.

I hear what you’re saying Philomath. It’s tough to find a site that has a decent amount of news and actually comments on it without the comments being “This story will make your ass tingle!” Copy/paste jobs piss me off to no end, which is why I basically stopped reading gaming news sites all together. Ask me about some mainstream game these days and I’m pretty much clueles.

With that in mind, I might suggest some of these, they’re not exactly what you’re looking for, but I check them about once a week just to see what’s up.

http://www.gamedaily.com/ (more business focused)

I havn’t been reading the last two for long enough to see how good they actually are, but who knows?

And finally, check out DIY Games from time to time. You may not be interested in many of the games covered, but if you tune in about once a week I think you’ll find a couple bits that interest you. Most the games we report on don’t exactly get covered very heavily elswhere, so it’s certainly something different :)


We need people, I need money.

Be rude I don’t mind! The ruder the better as it give’s me incentive to come back and say, “Ha! Look at it now!”

And we really only care about PW/MMO games on my site. Which there has not been a whole lot to write home about right now. An alternative may be http://www.waterthreads.com as it’s more of a community news site on the boards, similar to here where everyone posts about news and then discussions ensue even along with developers.