Looking for help finding an interesting RPG


The first time I played it I quit after a couple hours. But later I went back and I now consider it one of the best games ever made. I know many prefer BG2 but for me it will always be Baldurs Gate.


Don’t worry @Scuzz, we’ll still be Dark Souls buddies, even if we disagree on Baldur’s Gate.


Well Baldur’s Gate is better but Baldur’s Gate II is more better.


That’s exactly where I quit. I did eventually play and finish BG2 though.


The worst part about that for me, is the lack of lore. The game didn’t even bother explaining to a D&D-neophyte like me what exactly a kobold was. It seemed like an extra slap in the face to get killed by them and not even have very good lore in the game or the manual that actually explained what they were.

Plus the art in the game wasn’t even as detailed as the first Diablo, so I couldn’t quite make out what the hell kobolds were even supposed to look like from within the game.

I later played Die By the Sword and found out what Kobolds were.

“You hit like a KOBOLD”.


The BGs were Bioware’s best games. I didn’t dislike them, but I don’t actually remember what happens in them (storywise) either. KotOR and ME on the other hand I wish I could dis-remember.


Honestly, pre-3rd edition, nobody really knew what a kobold was. They were goblins, but weaker?


If you are on PC, look into Friendly HUD mod - it lets you disable the HUD in very customizable way, have it appear only when needed etc.

For better controls, brilliant is also Immersive Cam with its submods - Immersive Motion and Alternative horse control. All on witchernexus.