Looking for low-cost web hosting

I’m using doteasy’s free domain hosting, and overall am happy with it. The only “gotcha” is that there’s only 5mb of mail with the free hosting. Most of my mail gets forwarded to my paid yahoo account which has 2g of storage, so it hasn’t been that big of a deal. I ran into a situation a few months ago where yahoo for some reason treated my mail forwards as spam, so I started keeping a local copy on doteasy, so now I’m running into mail issues.

There’s a nice plan that doteasy offers thats unlimited bandwith and 100mb of email space, but they want a year’s commitment up front.

Since I’m looking at shopping hosts, here’s my wish list
at least 100mb of email, with mail forwarding. The bulk of my email will end up on my yahoo account, but I’d like to not blow the local quota if I’m lax in my policing.
php/mysql support
support for multiple FTP users (I’ve run into a few situations where having clients have FTP access on my domain would have been handy)
around $10 a month, from month to month.[/ul]


Never hosted there, but they appear to be cheap, if that’s what you want:

If you want a reliable web host with no strings attached:

I’ve moved my domains over to www.dreamhost.com.

Their basic plan is $7.95/month, and you get all the goodies for that rate, along with 1 free domain registration, 2400 MB Disk, 120 GB Transfer, 600 Mailboxes, MySQL and PHP.

PM me, and I’ll give you the promo code to get $100 knocked off your full year signup. Basically, you get the entire first year for less than $10. Totally legit. AFAICT, these guys have been in business since 1997, and the service has been stable and fast for me so far.