Looking for the cyberpunk in Cyberpunk 2077 [review]

From the cops you interact with directly, yeah some of them are good guys. But in a good number of the gigs, if you read the shards and all that, the corrupt cops are the bad guys, killing people or making shady deals.

Are their replicants/androids /AI in the updated Cyberpunk RED game setting?

Not in the official RPG book. So far, there’s only the main book, so maybe something will crop up in other sourcebooks?

The cyberpunk genre may gravitate towards nihilistic, tragic endings but making your choices not matter for a cyberpunk game make for a poor game.

There are compilation movies of each of the seasons. Solid State Society and the other

Tried the corpo and nomad lifepaths and they feel even shorter than the street kid one. The corpo one is especially abbreviated. What a waste of time–10 minutes max.

Both feel like stubs that they planned to expand on but couldn’t. Well, even the street one feels kind of like that but at least it is coherent.

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please tell me a game 100/100 in this genre if cyberpunk is 40/100.
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no longer for sale on Steam :(

Anyone have a problem with an area north of Kabuki market (open parking lot area with a bunch of car wrecks) where an “open world” battle is scripted between Tyger Claws and Maelstrom have all fuzzy ground textures?

Looks like it’s not just me


My deductive skills tell me he’s from the Metacritic page. There 2 stars are interpreted as 40/100.

Not that I would advocate it, but I can imagine a philosophical school of thought that would make nautical brigandry methods of acquiring the game justified in a case like this.

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