Looking for webhost (Update: domain name registry?)

I’m basically looking for something that comes with blogging software (Moveable type is used by some of my friends and they like it) and enough space to put up some drawings and articles I create. It’d be hobby-based, so I wouldn’t be generating much traffic. I’d prefer something hosted rather than going through Blogger with add-ons so I know exactly where my stuff is and how much space I’m using.

I haven’t made a webpage in about five years, but I am a programmer, so I think I’m smartypants enough to figure most of it out. (Yellow text on a magenta background, with my lens-flared name in pseudo-3D letters is a good start, yes?)

I use and like Verve Hosting:

Reliable, easy to work with, responsive customer service, etc. It doesn’t “come with” any blogging software, but it 100% supports Movable Type, which is free for download at movabletype.org. If you’re a programmer you shouldn’t have any trouble setting MT up.

I hear that Portal of Evil offers hosting, too: http://www.poehosting.com/

Dreamhost is tha mack daddy. Like Verve, it doesn’t come with MT, but you can install/configure it.

poehosting.com is Chet’s hosting business and is also where QT3 is hosted. Lots of people posting here have a site with poe. It’s inexpensive and reliable. Typically when these hosting threads start, everyone who has a poe site chips in and it’s a real love fest, so I am starting off. :)

I have been considering putting up blogging software on my domain. I had my resume posted, but have taken it down. I need to do something. Let me know how hard (or easy) it is to get MT up and running Gunmetal. I am not a programmer, but I play one on TV (actually not really, but I can make simple html pages and bend other people’s javascripts to do my bidding).

Movable Type is pretty easy, especially if you start with one of the templates and just start modifying the HTML/CSS. It’s also powerful enough to go crazy with customizations. And then there’s 3rd party plugins to take it even further.

MT comes with extensive documentation I had MT set up in about 30 minutes. I’m not a programer and have only moderate HTML/CSS skills. I spent maybe another day on and off tweaking the design to get it to look the way I wanted.

If you don’t want to mess with it, they also offer a service called Typepad, which can come with domain hosting (e.g., gunmetal.typepad.com), but it costs between $5 and $15 a month. Personally, MT is easy enough to set up and domain hosting is so cheap that I wouldn’t recommend Typepad, though. Especially if you’re geek enough.

Yeah I use POE as well. Plus giving chet money makes him troll less.

I’m poe-hosted and loving it.

Very quick customer support when I do bone-headed things, or when things just go boom.

Thanks for the responses, guys! I’ll check the sites out when I get home

If you’re hosted by poe, does that mean that Chet has access to all the fetish porn on your site?

I’ve been using 1and1.com and been pretty happy with it so far. Cheap, and the option to have a Linux based server or a Windows based server for your hosting computer.

Siteflip.com for $0.99/month!

If you have a mostly useless vanity site like me, it’s an awesome price :P

You gotta pay a year at a time, but shit… $12? peanuts.

That reminds me… Chet actually runs a hosting company caled POE hosting. You should check him out… good prices, good customer service, and both qt3 and myself seem to like being his customers.

Man, I’m really surprised nobody mentioned him already.

I have been considering putting up blogging software on my domain. I had my resume posted, but have taken it down. I need to do something. Let me know how hard (or easy) it is to get MT up and running Gunmetal. I am not a programmer, but I play one on TV (actually not really, but I can make simple html pages and bend other people’s javascripts to do my bidding).

MT is kinda ornery… check out b2 evolution. Less flexible, maybe, but a lot easier to set up and very, very nice.

Poe Hosting Plan #1 here. :wink:

As someone else looking into getting some kind of webhosting soon, what kind of things should we be watching out for? I realize we’re not exactly dealing with salespeople here, but what kinds of questions should we be asking of various hosts?

Also, anybody got any good frame of reference for bandwidth? 5 gb sounds like more than I could ever possibly use a month for what will amount to a blog in the short term. Am I right, or do you use it up faster than you’d think? What’s a forum like this use, if that’s not violating some kind of netiquette to ask?

Bandwidth goes pretty quickly if you have images. For example, that little “Australian Chicks are Hot!” travelog thingy that I put in the Everything Else section has already used up more than .5GB in the four days that I’ve had it up:

Dec 9, 2004 1,180 4,827,193
Dec 10, 2004 8,684 375,918,190
Dec 11, 2004 2,601 84,347,927
Dec 12, 2004 1,526 49,247,633
Dec 13, 2004 2,139 50,407,954

So if you start having a popular page, start thinking about trimming the fat from your images.


It may be a bit on the pricey side- 10 a month (for my plan) but no down time for me in a year and plenty of space–they do go as low as 25/year and are pretty reliable.

ditto on the images.

Thanks everyone.

QT3 as a whole uses anywhere from 30gb-50gb a month. Some people never use more than 1gb, others can use 100gb, it really depends on if you have a bunch of big pics, downloads and then the number of people visiting. The number of people visiting is the biggest issue.

At least for us, I suggest smaller than bigger and move up from there. Most hosts don’t charge anything for upgrading.

MT is very easy to install, but it violates their terms for a host to install it for you, but as many others, for us if you download it and have questions, we can walk you through it or just do it at that point, we just can’t download and install it for you.

If you think you might get mentioned on bluesnews, slashdot etc, you want to ask any potential host on how they handle overages. We normally do not charge for overages if you have a plan #1 (if you have less we ask you to upgrade) and will try and help you handle the load (if you have dynamic pages with tons of calls we can help you cache that etc). In some instances we have even spread downloads across servers to keep them fast.

I think in the past year we have only asked for one overage charge, and that was for a site with movies getting mentioned on slashdot and using about 150gb in one day. We were in communication with them during it and didn’t surprise them with the bill (it was pretty minor). The cool thing was seeing the posts on slashdot about how amazed people were that the site stood up to slashdot and was still serving movies at a fast rate.

Other than that, ask to see a site server, not their home server so you can check for speed load etc. QT3 runs on just one of our servers, so as you can see it is pretty peppy.

Also if you have a preference in control panel i guess, personally i just want something clean and easy to use. I don’t use it much except to setup users, but some people go gah-gah for different cps.



Not hosted with them myself, but I have a friend who is hosted with them ( www.gamecms.com / www.gameburst.com ). He recommends them a lot, and I know off-hand that they have great uptime and pricing. So they’re worth checking out.

I use http://www.servercentral.net/ which also hosts some pretty uber-sites such as Ars Technica. Kick ass management tools and excellent prices for my needs (which included built in server-side spam filtration for my parents’ POP email accounts).

the “chicks are hot” part definitely skews the results, as opposed to gunmetal’s article on weapons metallurgy (or whatever his hobby is).