Looking for Wizardry 8

Does anyone know somewhere I can get a copy of Wizardry 8 with the original manual new?

I have a still shrinkwrapped version I think, have to look. But the stamps from Germany probably cost more than getting it elsewhere.

imo not worth the effort, but whatever

i dont suppose its on gametap yet?

It used to be available from cdaccess.com, but either their site is having trouble, or they’ve vanished (domain info was last updated just today).

I remember looking for it when cdaccess was first posted on here a few months ago, and they were sold out. I think I remember hearing they went out of buisness?

Funny story about that… I got Battlezone 2 from them a few months ago. Installed it, and installed the latest patch (which, strangely enough, came out about 8 months ago… written by one of the programmers).

Anyhow, after playing it for about 30 mins, my computers’ fans were making more noise then I’ve ever heard. It was pushing my CPU so hard I started getting those overheat speckles on the image. Apparently the game does some sort of CPU-based T&L algorithm that isn’t very optimized for newer PCs (this was on a 3.6 ghz P4)

Needless to say I’ve been too scared to play it again.

Speckles would be from your video card overheating, not your CPU. If your CPU was overheating the game would probably just crash, along with your OS.

I’m pretty sure that the video card was overheating because the CPU was running so hot, baking it inside the case.

Here ya go, sukahhhh. :)


Have to disagree with Kunikos, I love that game have played through 3 or 4 times with different groups.

Wizardry 8 is excellent, one of my favorite PC RPG’s of all time, actually. I still think #6 was the best, but since it was also the first Wizardry I had played nostalgia may be messing with my head.

I was never able to finish #7. I’d always get to the Rattkin area and quit for some reason.

I couldn’t find it new anywhere, and since sirtech is out of business, just grab it from an abandonware site.

I played every wizardry. Wiz4 was the hardest and 6 the best. Both 7 and 8 are excellent, though.

Wow that’s scary. Really scary. So that doesn’t happen with any other game? Not even one that’s cpu-bound?

Not that I ever noticed. After I got done playing, I checked out the readme. In it the author said you must never play the patched game on an overclocked CPU, and if you did he took no responsibility for ruining it (!).

Does this mean there’s potentially other games out there that could do the same thing? Supreme Commander?

I think I would cry if I lost my copy of wiz 8. I never really played the other ones in the series besides giving 7 a brief try. The only reason it’s not one of the best games ever is because of the absolutely absurd amount of time it takes when you get a bunch of npcs taking turns in combat. The speed hack helps, but not enough, especially when you get a ton of hostile AND friendly combatants. You can spend 5+ minutes waiting for one turn, and that’s on a FX60.

Yeah, I eventually stopped playing it because I found combat to be tedious.

I seriously doubt it. Most legit companies, it seems, would not allow product like that to go out the door.

I had never heard of a game being “unsafe for overclocked CPUs” before or since I played this one. I didn’t even know such a thing was possible.

Aaah, when I was a kid, it took 5 minutes between pressing a key and seeing the character appear on screen. Life was hard back then, but we never complained!

FYI – Wizardry 8 (and 6 and 7) are available for free this month for Twitch Prime members (Amazon Prime members who create and link a free twitch account).

What a fantastic game! Reminds me I never finished it.

I’m trying to go through the Infinity Engine games again (the new editions) since I only ever completed Icewind Dale and BG2…but now i want to put them aside to play this!