Looking for Xbox 360/360 compatible games for my wife

I feel like we’ve been down this thread before…

I’ve got some extra money coming in, so I thought I’d try and get my hands on a 360. Maybe sometime this month one will actually show up a store near me.

My wife asked the question: “What games would I like?” So, I now put it towards you.

My wife is not a gamer. She especially hates MMOs/online games–which is irony right there. She likes games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, maybe older Abe’s Oddworld.

What games out there for the 360 (or will run on a 360) would she like? Getting a second original Xbox to run games isn’t an option.

Shouldn’t that read “wife-compatible”?

IMHO, there aren’t a lot of 360 games out, period to justify the platform much less games for the wife. The X-box compatibility list is pretty small too.

How about <insert EA Sports title here>?

I never thought I’d find myself recommending this, but it sounds like Kameo might be your best bet.

Live Arcade. Everyone loves Bejeweled 2.

There’s not a whole lot in the vein of what you’re talking about other than say Kameo, and I’ve not played it to say much about it as of yet.

My wife digs the whole Live Arcade thing - she can grab a quick game or two of some old school or some puzzlers during the day when she get a break from the kids or when I’m at the PC doing some work.

Marble Blast Ultra, though. I can’t say that enough. It plays pretty much as a platformer - and you will definitely appreciate the multi aspect of it, which I am now thinking I do not play nearly often enough.

How are the two KOTORs for backwards compatible?

I’ll have to look into Marble Blast.

XBLA. Zuma’s the only game that will get my wife to touch a controller. If it comes on a DVD, it’s probably too hardcore.