Looking forward to Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii!

I haven’t seen any love here for this game. I’ve had my eye on this game for a long time, I even bought a PSP to play but it died trying to upgrade the software (lucky I was under 30 days on it and returned it in disgust, nice system while it worked!).

I got a demo disc from gamestop yesterday and I really like it. Sure it’s got the 12 foot swords that most japanese RPGs have but it seems to be a very skill based game.

It’s like a succession of boss fights for random loot to upgrade your equipment except the bosses are all “monsters” so they act more like animals. It seems like it will be a pretty grindy game which is fine by me.

Anyone else looking forward to it? Would be nice to get some Qt3 friends to hunt with when it comes out next month. Hopefully being on the Wii doesn’t kill this one.

Video from the demo.

Edit - Oh! It has free online multiplayer WITHOUT friend codes.

I have it, but haven’t got into it nearly as much as the portable versions. Playing the game on my TV by myself feels like it misses the point a bit, though it is beautiful.

Really? With monsters taking a long time to take down the game doesn’t seem very portable. What makes the portable version better? I considered cancelling my pre-order and getting another PSP.

It’s carefully and deliberately designed as a multiplayer game. The higher ranked hunts require you to play with friends, unless you’re up for a huge grind getting gear a couple of levels better than necessary, being very lucky and incredibly skilled. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun without other people- it’s just ten times as manic, frantic and chaotic with a couple of others (and easier to take down the truly epic monsters within the time limit). Especially if they have Great Swords or Hammers. The PSP versions allow you to carry it to a friend or cafe and play with other people so that makes multiplayer easier.

This works better in Japan where there’s actually a MH culture. Over here you’ll have more luck persuading people you know to buy it or joining random games with the new PS3 ad-hoc->internet connection thing. There’s a PC MMO that will sadly almost certainly never see the light of day in the West.

Also I’m sure there’s love for the game somewhere. Tom’s a Monster Hunter fan and one of the forumites (idrisz) has killed the final monster in Tri.

Well with Free non-friend-code multiplayer on the Wii I’m hoping to jump into Random games as needed. Plus when I have it I can convince my friends to pick it up. :)

As a huge fan of the Monster Hunter series on the PSP - I am sorely tempted by this game…

However, it will require the purchase of a Wii + Monster Hunter Tri + Classic Controller = Significant cost just to play a single game.

Is this game a system seller then? Having logged over 100 hours on the portable versions, the £/fun ratio seems fairly reasonable if I’m going to be playing it for months…

Then again, Capcom have just announed a new portable Monster Hunter in the making, which I assume is Monster Hunter Tri for the PSP. So maybe give Tri on the Wii a miss and wait until 2012 for the Euro portable release?


The game is being sold with the new Classic Controller Pro packed in the box. It’s a great deal.


I beat the japanese version!

I might get the US version, but I need to buy a US Wii.

Aye, that’s a cracking deal for the US. Seems the Uk is getting the sharp end once more. Game want £59.99 for that pack.

Still need a Wii though…maybe Game/Gamestation stores will do a launch bundle.

The thought of hunting a Rathalos on a 40" LCD with a decent sound system gives me goosebumps…

Idrisz - Can you save the hunts halfway through? The only way to do that on a PSP was to put in on standby iirc. My four week old doesn’t let me play any game for more than 30 mins…

nope, it’s do or die.

30 minutes is plenty enough to drop most monster in a mission, especially when you are a in party, plus you can run back to base, and you might miss out the carve but you will still get the kill.

I think you can pause in single player though, but SP is boring comparing to MP, and since they are on separate mission list, even if you finish SP, you still have to start from rank 1 in MP…

Stinks you’re in the UK, I heard that the UK / US servers won’t be mixed. I will need someone to teach me pwnage.