Looking forward to PS3: What supports 1080p?

I found rumors of a future Aquos set. What else is out there that will do 1080p comfortably?

And a side question… with so few sets that support the standard (let alone at reasonable price), why is the PS3 bothering with it?

Emotion Engine

Real time Toy Story graphics.

Allowing Saddam Hussein to control ICBMs.

So THAT’S what all the extra ethernet ports are for!

Sarcasm aside, PCMag has a year-old article about HDTVs supporting 1080p. But a current search on pricegrabber suggests that many of the sets supporting it are DLP.

I read through that “review” and found it strange that the author is claiming that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will be 1080i. I haven’t seen anything like this mentioned anywhere before. I wonder where this comes from?

All I’ve seen is lots of speculation that Blu-Ray will be 1080p due to the PS3’s support of that resolution, which is unlikely to be used for gaming.

Most of the sets announced at CES this year were 1080p, using a variety of tech. Just hang tight a few months – until the PS3 launch, perhaps – and you’ll be fine.

So sometime in 2007 /nod

There’s a difference between the PS3 supporting 1080p and the games actually rendering to a 1920x1080 frame buffer. I don’t think many games are going to do that at all - the graphics RAM bandwidth just isn’t there.

As for TVs - quite a lot of the LCDs now support 1080p, and the number of LCDs and plasmas that will are growing. There are a few rear projection sets that do, as well.