Looks official: Disgaea DS!


The DS has just moved up from “fantastic SRPG system” to “must-have SRPG system”.

Looks like it’s just another port of the original, from the screenshots (though probably with a few enhancements). Which is actually a bit of a relief for me, since I’m already working through the first two in preparation for the release of 3, so I don’t need another one tempting me…

GoNintendo reported last year there’d be a DS Disgaea, and I’d held out hope that it’d be a new entry in the series. Looks like it’s not.

Is this going to be a port of the PS2 Disgaea or the PSP Disgaea? I wonder if the graphics are going to take a hit moving to a cartridge base platform?

Is it even possible for the graphics to take a hit? What I remember from the game was 3-D sprites on colored grids, with static cutscenes in between.

I figure if the DS can handle Zelda and FF3, it can handle Disgaea…

The first Disgaea was on a PS2. The first FFTactics was on the PSX, and FFTA doesn’t look as good as even that. So yeah, I expect a hit in smoothness and animation of special combat FX as well as battlefield rotation, at least. The talking heads cutscenes, presumably not so much.

I never finished the original, so this is fantastic news while I wait for FFTA2.

It was 2d sprites on a 3d map, similar to FFT. But yeah, not very demanding graphically.

I need that stupid WOOOOHOOOO jpg.

Just got an email from Nis about it, it is going to be a port of the psp version so it will have the new stuff in it. Also the top screen will show a grid based map of the area. From the screenshot it looks like the graphics on the maps haven’t changed, but nothing about the special attacks.

Hell yeah I can’t wait! I’ll buy this and have 3 versions of the game!

FFTA was a GBA game. Not a DS game. That’s not a very good comparison.

Yea, the DS is a lot more powerful. You couldn’t do something like Mario64 on GBA.

So…awesome! I never finished Disgaea, but it’s just made for a handheld so this is my chance…

More screens here:

Yeah, but I saw FFTA2 on the DS and it didn’t seem like a lot of improvements were made. Still, those shots above look just fine!

FFTA2 seems to have been made as a direct sequel to FFTA, so it’s basically a gba game. The only DS-y thing it uses is the top screen. You can’t use the stylus at all with it. I seriously doubt any effort was put into the graphics.