Rian Johnson’s Looper Teaser HD

Aw, I thought it would be a modern Caddyshack.


is this the same guy who made Brick or is it an older version of him

Same guy.

I’m hoping this is more like Brick than his other movie, damn.

His face looks stupid as fuck.

I don’t know what to think as Brick struck me as being (from the trailer) one of those neat concept indies that is badly directed but then it turned out to be good. This gives me the same vibe so I guess I’ll have to wait for a trailer that shows a bit more of the actual film and is less about the concept.

Wow, what a bad movie.

The trailer gives away the entire plot (well, there really isn’t much of a plot).

Is Bruce Willis that hard up for roles these days?

I thought it would be a porn flick.

I guess “Hooper” would have been a more appropriate title for pr0no.

You’ve seen it, or you’re assuming?

You know how I know I’m old? Because I remember the actual movie “Hooper.”


So we’re suppose to think that Joesph Gordon-Levitt turns into Bruce Willis as he ages. Yeah, this is definitely a sci-fi movie.

But look at his classic early Bruce Willis prosthetics.

I think that’s a cool idea for a story, hopefully the movie will end up being fun.

Shane Carruth is technical consultant on the time travel details in this movie. If you don’t know who the fuck that is, watch Primer and then get excited as hell for Looper.

You think they gave the whole plot away? Fucking HA. My guess is they gave away the first 15 minutes.

Friggin’ awesome! Another +1 for Primer, see it if you have not already!

I’m a sucker for time travel, so I’ll be seeing this (hell, I watched the crap-tastic In Time and that just involved time).

So, this is out tonight and I’m going to try get to see it. Early reviews are almost universally positive, I loved Primer and JGL has been on a roll lately… :D

I had to go back and watch the trailer to be sure…

Nope. The movie has much more to it than the trailer shows. “Dude has to kill his future self” isn’t even half of it.

Anyway, saw it last night and absolutely loved it. Yeah, JGL’s makeup looks a tad silly since he doesn’t look like himself, try to push that out of your head and just imagine it’s somebody you’ve never seen before. I want to go see it again.

dear me in the future, you’ve already seen this movie and written a post on it so another isn’t necessary. here’s the post:

i hope this movie performs as well as it deserves to. it’s going to be the second movie this year i actually cared for outside of Cabin in the Woods, and thanks to a disappointing year for movies

now to see The Master tomorrow and understand what everyone is arguing about

MrMach7, you don’t side suto, by any chance?