Lord of Rigel Demo Released

I had long ago given up on this game as vaporware. Happy to be proven wrong:

The game has been in development hell for eight years, but apparently the game is now coming soon.

I will report back after spending some quality time with the demo.

The demo makes a really bad impression. Its a (7GB) MoO2 clone that looks worse, has awkward writing, machine generated narration and awful UI.
I’m not the biggest MoO2 fan and think MoO1 is actually the superior game. Even if you love MoO2 however there are better clones out there.

Maybe late game this really shines and pushes the genre forward but to me it looks and feels very much like someone spent 8 years on a bad MoO2 copy.

Yeah, thus far the demo is not making a great impression on me, although to be fair this type of space conquest game has been done in so many variants that it is hard for a new game to be fresh.

Just looking at the screenshots, this should be called Mlordr of Origeln.