Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Styx, but Gollum

That’s too bad. Eventually the 2022 games season is just going to be indie games. It seems like all big profile projects are delayed to 2023 or beyond.

Releasing sometime between April and September this year.

2023-01-25 14_16_57-Styx Video Game Soundtrack

New trailer. Looks pretty good? Cautiously optimistic still.

Looks like it could be a neat stealth-em up. I wonder if/how well they’ll manage to pull off the pitiable nature of Gollum without over-embellishing on it.

So yeah.

Ouch. It’s been a while since I saw scores this low for a big title.

I think most of us knew this was going to turn out badly.

I was never particularly interested in the game, but it seemed like it could have been a cool dark stealth/assassination game set in Middle-Earth. From the reviews I’ve seen there’s nothing redeeming about the title, it’s technically terrible, looks bad, sounds awful, glitchy as hell, and the gameplay offers a crappy camera, poor platforming, some light stealth, and incomprehensibly, you raise a baby bird (WTF, Gollum?!!) and have a human buddy you escort around and use for puzzles.

It seems apocalyptically bad. And it costs $60 too, this isn’t a $39.99 special.

Promo screenshot of the choices screen:

Actual screenshot of the choices screen:


Yeah, this thing has had the whiff of failure to it from the first teaser trailer.

Imagine being a preorder deluxe edition buyer. Imagine paying more for a soundtrack, art book, lore pamphlet, and this:

The Sindarin VO DLC, which adds a touch of authenticity to dialogue with the Elves.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of VO being sold as DLC, even fantasy language VO.

PCG found it greater than the sum of its parts.

… and the Eurogamer strapline is Where Smeagols Dare, so that pretty much justifies the game’s existence IMO :-)

The Wing Commander Speech Packs.

Yeah, but that was no VO at all or VO as DLC. This is VO or fantasy language VO for DLC.

That’s fair. And also it was a different time of retail sale on media vs download.

Imagine doing this with all voiceover language translation? Pay more to get it in a language you can actually understand!? Though I don’t guess standards bodies would allow it unless they just removed all voiceovers.

EA looking with raised eyebrows…

Oh dear. Now I’m worried I’ve been hearing inauthentic elf accents all this time.

I wonder if this will still go ahead despite the game’s reception?