Lord of the Rings Trilogy, revisited


Preordered. Hopefully this transfer is worthy of the format, unlike the theatricals.


I want to see the deleted scene where Sam finally takes possession of Bag End. Know what I mean?


My decision to avoid purchasing any of the movies in any form on DVD or Blu-ray has just been rewarded. VICTORY IS MINE, at some point in the future.


What exactly are you raging about?


His name is Elrond. Elrod is a very different character.


Was it Elrond in the MTV spoof? I can't remember what the skit was. Maybe it had Dennis Rodman in it or something.


Obviously you people don't remember the skit! It entailed Jack Black as Frodo getting a Prince Albert piercing with the One Ring. "Elrod" refers to his genitals. It isn't a typo or mistake if that's what you're raging about.

edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz7Me0XXj0Q


I would assume most don't remember the skit because they don't watch the MTV Movie Awards.


Oh boy Jack Black


I can't stand Jack Black, but that was funny.


Wow great thread. I love both the books and the movies, warts and all.

The biggest critique of the movies I have after many viewings is that Jackson seems to only be able convey emotion in film with moist, weepy and misty eyes. I watch the trilogy a couple of times a year with the kids, and after a few viewings we all started noticing the moist eyes. Dramatic scene, weepy eyes. Frodo gets stabbed by the troll and stung by Shelob.....weepy and moist eyes, romantic scene ..... moist eyes, heroic scene, moist weepy eyes, all enhanced by some bloom effect which makes the moistness stand out and look, well, moister.

Jackson at times combines the moist eyes with exaggerated looks of longing between hobbit-hobbit, man-hobbit, hobbit-man elf-hobbit, and so on.

The trilogy is literally scene after scene of moist eyes and longing looks, and now we laugh constantly through the movies which is unfortunate because watching the the films in the theater for the first time ranks up there with my favourite movie experiences.


Never in the history of Qt3 has the word "moist" been so frequently used.


But it's accurate. These are some of the dampest movies ever made.


I don't know if it's quite fair to criticize based on the extended editions, but I just recently rewatched these for the first time in years and ye gods are they terrible. After Fellowship, every single scene with Frodo is terrible: boring, overly long, pretty much the same as every other Frodo scene, and basically pointless. Then there's the slow-motion everybody-is-reunited-after-the-victory scene at the end of RotK that has to rank near the top of any list of Worst Scenes Ever.


Respectfully disagree.


I disagree too, specifically about the ending scenes. I sort of don't understand the complaints about that portion of the movie. For me, the emotional (and let's be honest -- the time) committment I had given to the characters made all those moments feel necessary and potent. I'm not trying to say something inspid like "you don't get it" but I do fail to grasp why these scenes in particular are so commonly cited as some of the worst scenes in cinematic history.


Because several minutes of slow-motion hobbit pillow fighting is really, really lame.


If that's all that scene looks like to you then I guess I'm not going to learn anything from that.


True, there is also slow-mo close-up of Gandalf laughing.


Not even remotely close. Watch more movies, I guess?