Lord of the Rings Trilogy, revisited


The last time I revisited LOTR I made a video of one of my complaints, but overall I just wished they had portrayed the battles a bit more grindy and less Total Warhammer. I never bought that the emperilled humans, in fairly small villages and cities (as they were portrayed) would ever have held their ground against the vast array of not only numerically superior Sauron forces, but the size and scale of the critters they were up against, where skill meant nothing. Being saved by 45 degree angle cavalry charges and clouds of green foam don’t help things in that department either.

(Since then, the Hobbit went even wackier with magic gatling gun sleigh rides, so maybe in retrospect they weren’t so bad.)


Well, those Hobbit movies pulled in about a billion dollars each at the box office, so as much as it disappointed us fanboys, I think “the folks that gave him the reigns” were plenty satisfied with their decision.


Also, it oughta be noted that Jackson didn’t seem super-keen on directing The Hobbit and spend another 4+ years of his life on a single project. He was only Executive Producer until del Toro left the project. I’m not saying we should pity him because he surely got paid a buttload of money to take care of things himself then, but I’m guessing the onus here is also on New Line Cinema for insisting.


This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Wasn’t there a Hobbit consolidated version of all 3 movies into 1 , floating around somewhere on the webs?