Lords of the Fallen: a "dark fantasy action RPG" and reboot of the 2014 game

Since I play with controller…(LB + RT/Block + Heavy Attack) is a sweeping combo intended for groups of enemies. You’ll…get to the point where it gets useful.

Some weapons also have an unlockable (and boy, do they make you work for that) special attack on LB+RB / Block + Light Attack, usually comboing into something flashy.

There’s also 4 running attacks to be aware of (Run + Light Attack, Run + Heavy Attack, and the same for 2H-Stance). The movesets between weapon types are identical, but there’s more moves per weapon compared to you-know-what. Dual wielding also changes the moveset depending on weapon type.
There are weapon arts (aforementioned LB+RB), but they’re a late game thing and usually require a +10 boss weapon and a finished questline.

Magic and ranged is seamless, and follows a similar principle - LT is your “ranged” modifier button, RB and RT fire stuff and the face buttons change the spell or projectile. There’s several ammo types per ranged weapon, and the number of spells you can slot at once depends on the focus you use.

Soulflay (the blue voodoo that you do with the lantern) costs charges on enemies. It rips the enemies soul out (and holding your stick determines the direction), stunning it and then drags its body towards the location of the soul.
This has 2 uses - it gives you some breathing room, allows you to wail on the guy’s soul for extra damage, and if you drag it just right, you can do the old “Yeetus-Deletus” special combo by dragging the soul over an edge.

Later on, you get umbral eyes that modify this attack in a variety of ways, as in “drag the entire group”, “regenerate rate mana when siphoning an enemy”, “Soulflay ALL THE ENEMIES!” etc., as well as getting extra charges.

I cannot find a way to turn off the rumble for this game on my XSX, and it rumbles a lot! Just browsing through all the menus looking for “rumble OFF” has my controller rumbling like crazy. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve put a game away for.

Can you toggle it at the system level?


Settings → Gameplay → Controller Vibration

I’ll refrain from snarky remarks.

Thorne is kind of thorny today. Beware. ;)

How the hell did you do that! I scrolled through the settings for each page and could not find that line! I’m mortified. I actually googled this :laughing:

It’s got very dense settings menus, it’s easy to miss things.

I’m still reeling from the fact that Thorne doesn’t invert the vertical axis on his controller.

That you remember those controls amazes me. I recall them being presented, and I already knew I was at control overload. Moving to the NES was a pain with its extra button. A three-button combo is actively opposed by my instincts. Many hours later I found a great sword that scaled off of the dexterity-flavored attribute, which finally supplied the area attacks I had been sorely lacking.

I remember reading your earlier harangue against the Dark Souls formula. It struck me as a bit jaded. Then I felt all of those feelings in Lords of the Fallen until I got to the first boss Pieta. Before that, everything was a crust of copied and layered mechanics that missed the magic. That boss gave me enjoyable dueling and a feeling of overcoming. I needed that glimpse because otherwise, early on, I only see what’s derivative. It takes me hours to appreciate nuances and changes.

But I gotta agree with…


Fired this up and it locked up hard once on the initial loading screen, then hard crashed my computer about 5 minutes into the actual gameplay. The autosetter is telling me I should use Medium graphical settings. This is the first game ever that has been less than Ultra. I’ll give it one more shot.

I managed to get to the second save point yesterday.

I’m not sure I like this duel world thing. I’m constantly getting this feeling like I missed something when I’m exploring.

The feeling can be managed, contained. After some hours I was noticing the audio and visual cues that accompany 90% of the stuff in the Empyrean…which turned it into more of a process of running back through the level once in the shadow world to double-check, instead of double-checking with the lantern every room.

It seems this is going to have a sequel
Lords of the Fallen 2 Announced for 2026 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series; Will be Epic Games Store Exclusive.

Hm. Are Epic paying that well for store exclusives? I thought they nixed most of the payments for exclusives by now.

On one hand, I’m happy to hear there’ll be a sequel, since IMHO this game had a lot of potential (and the art direction was chef’s kiss), but Epic exclusive, and not even timed at that…that’ll piss off the Steam fanboys and likely antagonize a lot of potential sales.

The “announcement” was gleaned from a financial report. It sounds like Epic is the publisher on PC.