Lords of the Fallen: a "dark fantasy action RPG" and reboot of the 2014 game

I’ll assume if you make it too different for being different’s sake, you piss off potential buyers.

Some examples? Bleak Faith got shat one for having no I-frames - you had to actually dodge out of the boss attacks. Oh the humanity!
Similar, people threw hissy fits if the controller layout didn’t offer the OG souls layout. There’ll be death threats if you moved the dodge button somewhere else or gasp don’t subscribe to the “attacks are on the face buttons” philosophy of controller martial arts.

As for the fonts, beats me. A lot of those elements seem “force of habit” or “familiarity breeds contempt”. I’m about as over it as you, and would rather see some character action elements to be integrated.

Look, we don’t need to go full Bayonetta and spank naughty angels with BDSM equipment as part of the attack chain, but hey, how about we get about the same mobility as the bosses and some moves with a bit of pizzazz, so it feels more like a “clash of the titans” and less like an ankle stabbing sim.

Hell, again, even bloody Monster Hunter, where you indeed barely can reach the soft bits of the monster, lets you break their stance and pummel them with impunity for a bit. Wayfinder has that as well, and it’s glorious. Not this “oh, stance broken, well, quickly insert a crit” but “you fucker are going nowhere in the next 5-15 seconds, HERE COMES THE PAIN TRAIN!”

Why should bosses have all the fun?

Oh, and for the love of kitty buddha, can we please get a) NPCs that don’t talk cryptic shit on their way to their sudden, but inevitable betrayal (and semi-optional boss fight) and b) quest chains that at least give a proper hint of what the hell I’m supposed to do? Not this “oh, but if you read the description of the soiled chamber pot item you find in the sewer dungeon you’ll find a cross-reference to the item that Lord Wotsisname gave you! It’s pretty clear that you have to kill the Lord Evisceratix the Limb Remover with said chamber pot to progress the quest!”
More like “Dude, the assholes from the Dark Order of Abduction nabbed our healer. We want the dude back, here, I’ll mark the Tower of Abduction on your map”

Thing is, people get pissed off anyway.

The Elden Ring reddit is going on about the DLC and how if this shit was in something like Lords of the Fallen people would be apoplectic, but since it’s Fromsoft it’s something to cheer for. And the best citation they have is: How people reacted to Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P doing the same shit Fromsoft does and people getting pissed off and calling them garbage.

I’m playing it now… on Easy mode. I will explain it succinctly:

See? easy mode. I’m still dying a fair number of times, don’t believe I’m now stomping the game, lol

I just rescued the blacksmith.

edit: also, I want to punch the guy who decided to put platform sections with jumping. Well, the issue isn’t in the platforming itself, the issue is in how you need to sprint to be able to jump and how you always roll in the ground after the jump. Both things can cause you to fall to your death, and it feels cheap, because I would fall far less if I could just… jump normally.

In the poison swamp now. The lack of a map ingame is irking me. This level can get pretty confusing.

“Let me put hard and frustrating in your single player game” is so annoying for me. As I get older I feel gated from these games which I would like to enjoy. So glad you found a trainer.

I am not positive about this, but I remember if I stopped holding forward on the thumbstick after I pressed the jump button, I would land with no rolling.

Thanks, I will take it in account in the next platforming section.

For now I’m finishing up the second part of the swamp. I still have a mini boss to defeat (some kind of big head that needs to be opened up with the lamp to suffer damage?) and what it seems the real main boss of the area is a big plateau, a guy in a horse. Which killed me easily, for now…

Something I’m noticing is how the game combat goes to the shitter the moment you are close to a wall, a narrow corner, some object with complex geometry, etc. Like, this also happened somewhat in Elden Ring but I believe here it’s worse.

I got distracted by two other games past week, so I didn’t return to this until last night. I beat the big head, and now I’m against the end boss of the swamp. He kicked my ass for now.

But you know, what I wanted to do is say that I guess I fundamentally don’t gel with these games. Let’s see the reasons:

1-I don’t like games with a single difficulty
Irrespective of the game being too hard or too easy, I think that not having several difficulties is fundamentally a bad idea.

2-I don’t like games with sparse checkpoints
I had to spend like, 70 seconds going from a checkpoint to the last boss I finished, which included killing two enemies on my way that were hard to avoid. It was only 70 seconds, but I hated repeating those 70 seconds several times, one for each attempt at the boss. I may not like a lot the fact it doesn’t have difficulties, but that’s still kind of ok, there are easier games and harder games out there, what I truly hate is not the difficulty itself, but this ‘punishment’ of having to repeat an area each time.

3-I don’t like games with spiky difficulties
So the game’s difficulty is kind of high on average. Not my cup of tea but ok, it can be dealt with it. However, why is it so spìky? I really didn’t have any difficulty with the swamp itself, a pair of tricky areas but nothing worth noting, but then I reach the boss and it’s several times a much harder experience. Why? If you want to make a hard game do it, if you want to make an easier game do it, but why put two wildly different difficulties sections inside the same game? I would prefer for the swamp to be a bit harder, and the boss a bit easier.

Having vacations for good part of the month, I played today to this for several hours, morning and evening. I killed the swamp boss, I did the next part that had a cliff, a bridge (with a mini boss, which hilariously I killed by him falling from the bridge, thanks to the explosion it happens when you are killed and spawn in Umbra), an optional boss in a courtyard, what it seemed a small graveyard area (where I still have to do a boss fight hat I could skip for now) and finally, I’m playing now the ruined city in fire, reaching the second vestige point.

I hadn’t upgraded my health flask in a while, so I decided to visit the wiki. …Fuck, I actually missed two upgrade materials for it in previous areas, despite playing exploring everything fairly thoroughly. With any of the two I would have upgraded from 4 charges and 35% hp recovery to 5 charges/50% hp recovery, which is a great upgrade, and would have made the game less harsh.

Also, I’m now regretting not activating the option to level up the weapons to your level, the materials are even more stingy than in Elden Ring, and from what I read in the wiki, you can buy them in a shop… only when you are near the endgame.

Still going at it. A few critics.

-I don’t like how the ammo system works, I prefer real consumables, because when you find something new (a bomb, a throwing dagger), it isn’t a resource you can use, but just a ‘sidegrade’ to your build, something new you can use… but usually at the same power level than you had before, even things that are more powerful in theory, in exchange consume more of the ammo bar.
-I don’t like how you can’t make an archer/mage build, because they only made a single slot for the misc weapon (the spell thingie or the bow). Pain in the ass if you want to be a ranger with a bit of holy magic to heal you and bless you.
-When I played Elden Ring I already commented how I didn’t like the weapon upgrade system. I reiterate it here, even more, I hate it. How can you even compare two weapons, a level 0 one and a level 6 one (your current one), you don’t know how a weapon will perform once you level it up 6 times, stats wise. Then in addition you have the fact that each one will have different animations, different dps, stamina use, etc.
-The super obscure quests with almost no indications can go fuck themselves. Or the keys you find and you are supposed to use in a door that you passed by 15 hours before. In a game with no real map or way to put a note.

I assume you meant “regretting NOT activating” and, yeah, one of the biggest improvements is being able to find pre-upgraded weapons.

everything you are hating on I hated in fromsoft games xD
guess hexworks are really faithful to their daddy

More comments

Some of the shortcuts you unlock feel gratuitous. At first, it may seem a weird term to refer with to a simple shortcut, but what’s the point of unlocking a shortcut to an area/stage/subworld/whatever you wanna call it that you did it 10 hours ago, and you did it fully, with everything explored? There is no reason to go back there.

The game needs a bit more of signposting. I’m not even talking of optional or secrets areas, I’m talking of the main quest itself, I reached a point where it seemed I had explored all areas available and I didn’t know what to do, I had to look into a guide.

I’m not convinced the ‘builds’ are good enough in the game. I checked out a few youtube videos to see what builds they proposed, and a commonality is that for making an interesting build (something more than big sword + big shield, but something that synergizes talismans, rings, spells, status effects…) is that you need specific weapons or talismans that appear around the 75% or 80% mark in the game. Which you know, ideally speaking you should be able to make decent builds before that point, not when you are finishing it up already. I guess you always have New game+?

Bosses. I found them uneven. Some of them seemed hard but after 4 tries, I learned the moveset, and were surprisingly doable. Example, the one at the bottom of Revelation Depths, the Unbroken Promise. But some were way too hard (the weird giant with magma between the two city districts, I admit I had to fully cheat for that one, instead of only slightly cheat), and I even found one that was too easy, the Hollow Crow, I thought he was going to have a second phase and… nope.

Originally, the game was to have NO vestiges besides the one in the hub area and the ones you can plant yourself. This was nixed in favor of the current setup for the regular playthrough, but was again to be the standard for NG+ before they changed it to a gradual loss of fixed vestiges as you progress through the NGs. By now, it’s a setting you can toggle from what I recall.

So, the interconnectivity makes sense if you follow the original vision; it’s also a nifty bit of level design, reminiscent of the original Dark Souls map.

I had little trouble with the magma giant, mostly due to the fact that he’s VERY weak to radiant, and I was at the right place at the right time when he started flooding the arena. That fight is very much about positioning. But yes, some stuff is exceedingly hard while other bosses felt merely like a decorative scene without providing too much of a challenge.

Then again, still beats having to watch a boss spinning around for 32 seconds, then changing direction, and then charging again. They’re all rather doable.

I was away on the weekend, but today I returned to it. I reached the Empyrian, which I believe is the last area of the game? maybe? (edit: second to last)

In any case I finally got some level +10 weapons. But damn, I had to farm for a bit to get the money needed to buy the fragments to upgrade first the stuff to +9. And that’s even if I cheated time ago and I gave myself 50 seeds, because with how I hate repeating parts from distant checkpoints, I don’t want to think if I should plant or not depending of my economy, I put a seed for a temporal vestige in any patch I find.

These last parts I’ve been playing (the end of the Manse of Hallowed Brothers, the Tower of Penance, and Abbey of Hallowed Sisters) are hard and tricky in many areas, it’s clear that the intention is that they have to be hard because it’s the endgame… although really, they weren’t that hard. I think at this point it’s where you have online your build, so for example, I’m having less problems with bosses now than before. Part of the reason to that is the leveled up 3-shot crossbow I have, that together the very high Agility score, I can melt 60% of hp of bosses with it, and end the rest with my dual axe + short sword.

…and finished. Radiance ending, which seems to be the default ending. Honestly, no idea of how I was supposed to do other endings, the game is obscure as fuck. Hell, I had to look at a guide again, just to advance the main quest! (to find the last area, no idea where it was). The want to make a non linear experience, and they don’t implement any good signal posting, or in game map, nor quest journal, nor compass…

Now that I have finished it, I can say the biggest issue with it is the collision detection system. Despite the intense patching they have done, this still felt janky. If a enemy happens to move close to you in a somewhat narrow space, the enemy hitbox (which is bigger than you may think) blocks your movement, and you can’t even execute any action, like rolling or attacking. It was infuriating.

The game also needed a few more enemy types, some areas repeat enemies a few too many times, including the last one. Oh look, my old friends the fire doggies, the dual axers and the pyro mage!

You do get some pointers on the inferno ending if you listen to Damarose. It’s basically “don’t cleanse the beacons”, so it’s pretty easy to get locked out by just accidentally cleansing one of them (that’s what all those nice zealots people at Skyrest Bridge wanted, right? On the plus side, this unlocks the Edgelord Infernal Lord starter class, which is more fun than roasting a bunch of toddlers on an open fire it has any right to be.

Umbral ending is…odd. If you killed Harrower Dervla and mayby, just maaaybe decided to stick around and examine the arena, you find a well. For the low, low price of 50 umbral scourings, which you absolutely, totally couldn’t use on something more sensible at that point, you can buy an umbral scouring clump (I could use one of those for cleaning my drains, I guess) which allows you to enter the well and receive the first NPC murdering item you need to progress.

To cut a long story short: Umbral is weird, depressing, forces you to murder nearly all useful NPCs you know in the end, and ends in you feeding the world to an elder goddess for shit and giggles unlocking the Umbral Child starter class to play. Yay!