Lorry/Truck ploughs into Berlin xmas market

Earlier today a lorry/truck drove into a busy crowded christmas market in Berlin, Germany. So far there are a few dead reported and dozens of injuries. The German authorities have not ruled out terrorism yet.

This sounds similar to the Nice attack. My heart goes out to Germany and the families of the victims.


edit: 9 dead and 50 injured as reported so far

edit2: German authorities saying now that it looks like it was deliberate.

My heart also goes out to the victims and families. I was just there a few months ago and everyone I met was accommodating as hell.

Sadly holiday crowds seem to have turned into a major target recently, robbing folks of what should be a fun time of year with the family.

Friends of mine were there. Has the truck come 30 seconds earlier, they apparently would have been in its path. Crazy stuff. Safely back at home, fortunately.

So, they arrested a Balochistani, and didn’t have any Balochi translators so by the time they questioned him they realised they had arrested the wrong man. The actual driver is on the loose.

can someone explain to me why they often find the papers, IDs etc of the terrorists (left behind). This is what the police reported, found some foreign validation papers under the seat in the truck… he’s from Tunesia, Tataouine

He expected to die and wanted his martyrdom to be known to the world.

so why didn’t he die in a shootout, become a martyr? He fled, so I don’t buy it that he wanted to die

For many - probably most - people, what you plan to do and what you actually do are rarely identical.

News on Anis Amri:

Terrible. And terrifying - reminds me of Mr. Mercedes. Horrible to think that could (and did) actually happen.